June 14, 2015


A Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-300 (DAL124) from Boston, MA (KBOS) to Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM) was inbound to Gander, NL (CYQX) with a medical emergency. Two doctors on board. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) was advised. DAL124 landed Runway 03 with ARFF standing by.
Update AOR 188210-V1: At 0113Z, in vicinity of NICSO, a Delta Airlines Airbus A330-300 (N801NW/ DAL124) from Boston, MA (KBOS) to Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM) declared medical emergency and requested direct to Gander, NL. Cleared as requested and landed at 0148Z with no further incident.

November 17, 2003


DAL124 a B767 from Atlanta to Brussels diverted to Halifax due to a sick passenger. The Tower was notified, and an ambulance was called. The B767 landed in Halifax at 0230Z.

August 5, 1997

Incident at Gander Oceanic

ULA952 B767 enroute Chicago to Dusseldorf FL350 developed low oil pressure problem with number 2 engine. Requested clearance to Gander but unable due to traffic. Aircraft followed contingency procedures and descended to FL290. Clearance was issued direct Gander. Traffic was COA34 FL340, BAW216 FL330, OAL140 FL310, BAW9672 FL330 and DAL124 FL310. No ATS involvement in operating irregularity.

July 13, 1997

Incident at 150 miles West of Gander (ATM - NAVAIDS/radar)

PAC605 B747 enroute Gander to New York departed Gander 0005z as aircraft was climbing through FL29.5 for FL300 the radar target for the aircraft disappeared from the controllers radar monitor. It was not discovered that the target was missing until 0041z when Moncton ACC controller contacted Gander and asked for the aircraft position. The Gander controller then contacted PAC605 and radar identification was re-establised. During the period that the target was not being displayed, a loss of required separation occurred with three east bound aircraft at FL310, TAC184 L101 Mirabel to Paris, DAL124 L101 Atlanta to Brussels and DAL140 L101 New York to Brussels. ATC estimates that the closest the aircraft came to each other was 15 miles laterally with 1,000 feet vertical separation. The Separation Standard for Non-Radar identified aircraft is 20 miles laterally or 2,000 feet vertically. Nav Can is investigating

March 8, 1997

Incident at 51N 40 W

The Delta Airlines L-1011, Dal 124 was on a flight from Atlanta to Bruxelles on Track "V" at FL 350. Approaching 40W, the crew declared PAN PAN . They lost #2 engine and they proceeded 30 miles off track and descended to FL 320. When they arrived at FL 320 they announced that they were not declaring an emergency and that they had restarted the engine. They then requested clearance back to track "V" at FL 350. ATC was unable due to traffic such as BAW 184 at FL 330 track "V", BAW 196 FL310 track "V", UAL942 at FL330 on track "V", KLM642 FL310 on track "U" and NWA52 on track "U". DAL 124 was cleared to destination at FL 270.