January 16, 2010

Incident at Vicinity of TAGRA intersection (ATS operating irregularity)

COA60, Boeing 767-400, enroute from Newark (KEWR) to Brussels (EBBR), was on the routing TUSKY to VIXUN at 33,000 ft. In the vicinity of TAGRA Intersection, Air Traffic Control (ATC) issued a climb to 35,000 ft., which resulted in a less than required radar separation with AJI9564, enroute from Toronto (CYYZ) to St. John?s (CYYT) at 35,000 ft.
UPDATE TSB A10A0008: COA60, a Continental Airlines Boeing 767-400, was en route from Newark to Brussels at FL330. AJI9564, an Ameristar Douglas DC9, was en route from Toronto to St. John's NL at FL350. Gander ACC issued a clearance to the flight crew of COA60 to climb to F350 which resulted in separation between the aircraft eroding to 4.7 nm laterally and 700 feet vertically where 5 nm lateral or 1000 foot vertical separation is required. NAV CANADA is convening an OSI Level I into the incident.

August 5, 2003

Incident at 28 Southeast of Halifax

COA60 a B767 (N68160) en-route from Newark to Brussel (EBBR) while 28 NM Southeast of Halifax reported a TCAS Traffic Advisory; Opposite direction Traffic at the same level (FL370). The Continental B767 reacted to the TCAS and turned right. The controller informed the aircraft that the only other traffic observed on radar was same direction traffic ahead 30 Nautical miles at the same altitude. TSB A03A0089 -More to follow.
TSB Update - 2003-08-08 - A03A0089: The Continental Airlines B767 operating as COA60 was enroute Newark, NJ to Brussels at FL370 when the crew advised Air Traffic Control that they had received a TCAS Traffic Advisory (TA) 28 nm Southeast of Halifax. The TA showed opposite direction at the same altitude and the pilot responded by turning to the right. ATC advised that the only other traffic observed on radar was same direction, 30 nm ahead at the same altitude.

June 12, 2003


At 0118z YHZ TCU advised that COA60, B-747 was diverting to CYHZ with a medical emergency; eta 0200Z. Airport duty manager advised. At 0159z COA60 landed without incident. Nil TSB