November 8, 2003

Incident at WABUSH NL (CYWK)

CME1199 a Beech 99 aircraft aborted takeoff due to light indicating an open door. The aircraft then backtracked and departed without further incident.

July 26, 2002

Incident at SEPT-ÎLES QC (CYZV)

On arrival at Sept-Iles (CYZV), flight CME1199 reported on the right-hand base leg for rwy 27, but the circuit is left-hand. Lors de son arrivée à Sept-Iles (CYZV), le vol CME1199 s'est annoncé en base droite pour la piste 27 alors que le circuit est à gauche.

December 13, 2000

Incident at WABUSH NL (CYWK)

CME1199 BE99 landing Wabush reported that the brakes had locked up and possibly flattened two tires. No loss of control or damage. Nil TSB

October 28, 2000

Incident at GOOSE BAY NL (CYYR)

CME199 BE99 shortly after departure at 0150 advised having difficulty keeping the aircraft flying straight and requested to return to Goose.Bay vectored to Goose using right hand turns at pilot´s request, landed at 0200. TSB Evaluating. Update November 8, 2000 from Maintenance and Manufacturing. No mechanical defect found. Suspect airframe ice buildup on one side. A/C was de-iced before departure but fluid used has short holdover time. A00A0167: CME 1199 was to be an IFR cargo flight from Goose Bay to Wabush. Shortly after departure the pilot advised of difficulty in keeping the aircraft flying straight, and requested a return to Goose Bay. The aircraft was provided with vectors back to Goose Bay and the aircraft landed uneventfully. No mechanical reason for the control difficulties were found by company maintenance. Icing conditions existed at Goose Bay prior to the aircraft´s departure, and the aircraft had been de-iced. Assessment by the operator was that either there was undetected ice remaining on the aircraft after de-icing, or ice had accumulated in the interval between de-icing and take off. The aircraft has been returned to service.

January 22, 2000

Incident at Wabush NF (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

CME1199 BE99 landing Wabush Runway 01 advised the FSS that they had a stuck Brake and could not proceed any further. Runway 01 was closed until 0422z. Aircraft was repaired and able to taxi clear. The runway closure cause an approximately 1 hour delay in the departure of ARN877. TSB evalua;ting. More information to come.

September 21, 1999

Incident at Wabush NF

CME1199 BE99 departing Goose Bay when flight was 100 miles East of Wabush reported Smoke in the Cockpit and request priority to Wabush. A few minutes later, pilot reported Smoke had cleared. No emergency declared. Flight landed 2132z. TSB evaluating. Update: Maintenance ran the aircraft and encountered a similar odor. Inspection determined that water had accumulated behind a circuit breaker panel and had caused shorting. The water/moisture was removed and aircraft returned to service. The operator suspects the water came from the aircraft being exposed to heavy rain while on the ground. TSB file # A99A0129

September 9, 1999

Incident at Wabush NF

CME1199 BE99 during take off from Wabush reported "Trim Warning Horn" sounded. Flight aborted take off roll, reset Trim, back tracked runway 19 and departed safely 2103z. TSB evaluating. Update: The chief pilot investigated the incident and reported that the crew had set the trim elevator within the appropriate range ; however the indicator needle was on the edge of the range limit line. During the run up the trim horn did not sound but then the aircraft taxied over a rough area of the ramp to position on runway 19. When the throttles were advanced for take off the warning horn sounded. The crew suspected that the taxiing over the rough area affected the trim range switch mechanism because of the proximity to the limit. Take off was rejected in accordance with the operating standard.TSB file # A99A0123

August 18, 1999

Incident at Wabush NF

CME1199 BE99 departing Wabush had a Bird Strike. Pilot was not sure whether the Bird was actually struck. ARN805 departing shortly after reported the remains of the bird on the Runway. CME1199 was advised and pilot reported no apparent damages at destination.

June 21, 1999

Incident at Goose Bay LAB

CME1199 BE99 after takeoff from Goose Bay was concerned that someone may have tampered with the aircraft while it was on the ground. His concerns were based on the "feel" of the rudder. In addition to airport Security, the ATC contacted the FBO and the maintenance provider. It was determined that the maintenance unit had done some work on the rudder while it was on the ground. This information was relayed back to the pilot in command who was "perturbed" about the fact that he did not know that the aircraft had been worked on. The pilot plans to discuss the matter with the Maintenance provider. TSB Evaluating

January 19, 1999

Incident at Moncton NB

CME1199 BE99 15 miles North of Fredericton when pilot advised ATC of a fire warning. Nil emergency declared but pilot requested priority. Pilot landed safely at Moncton 0634z.