May 3, 2010


UPDATE TSB: A10A0045: C-GSKN, a Prince Edward Air Beech 1900 with 2 pilots on board, was on a local training flight. After practising an emergency landing gear extension, they observed that the landing gear would not retract through the normal landing gear operating system. The landing gear was indicating extended and locked. After consulting with maintenance personnel, the pilot elected to return to Moncton. The pilot requested priority for landing; then declared an emergency due to smoke in the cockpit. The pilot then turned off the environmental air and the smoke dissipated. The aircraft landed safely with ARFF standing by. The aircraft was shut down on the runway. No injuries were sustained. The aircraft was towed to operator's facility; there was no impact on airport operations. Maintenance inspection revealed that the source of the perceived smoke was water vapor. It is unclear at this time of the source of the gear malfunction.
CME100T, Beech 1900C, was conducting local air work in the vicinity of Moncton (CYQM) when they requested priority clearance to return to Moncton. Closer to the airport, the pilot declared an emergency with smoke in the cockpit. The aircraft landed safely at 14:56Z. There was no impact on operations. TSB Case Closed.
UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing: On final, the pilot noticed smoke coming from underneath the co-pilots seat. The flight crew immediately declared an emergency for smoke in the cockpit. As they were on final approach they noticed that the smoke had no odour, and concluded that water vapour was coming out from the vents underneath the co-pilots seats. They turned off the environmental controls and the smoke/water vapour stopped. Maintenance towed the aircraft to the hangar with no further incident. Maintenance found that there was moisture in the ACM (air cycle machine) which was a direct cause to the smoke/water vapour. The bottom part of the co-pilots seat was also damp, and so was the surrounding carpet. The system was drained and taken out for an extended ground run. No further issue's were noted. The aircraft was returned to service.

October 26, 2008


CME100, Piper PA31, experienced a landing gear that was stuck in the down position. No assistance was required. The aircraft landed safely at 20:27Z. Nil TSB.
UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing: The gear handle could not be selected up. Maintenance replaced a defective squat switch. The gear tested serviceable.