August 21, 2016

Accident at 9NM E LA BAIE QC

UPDATE: BST#A16Q0099: a privately-registered Aeronca Sedan S15ACX, equipped with pontoons, was executing a recreational flight in accordance with visual flight rules from Lac Otis QC with 2 people on board. While returning to Lac Otis the engine cut out and the pilot told the Bagotville QC (CYBG) terminal that he had to make an emergency landing. The aircraft glided down to the Saguenay River approximately 9 nautical miles east of La Baie QC, incurring significant damage upon contact with 4-foot-high waves. The 2 occupants, who were wearing their life jackets, evacuated the submerged aircraft and remained in the water for about 40 minutes before being pulled out. No one was injured, but the aircraft sank to the bottom of the Saguenay River.
Information received from the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton concerning a privately registered Aeronca S15ACX from origin and destination unknown that crashed in Saguenay River near Chicoutimi. Both occupants escaped in a rubber dinghy without injuries. Aircraft subsequently sank in the river. ACC Operations (MACCO), National Operations Centre (NOC) and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) advised.
UPDATE: JRCC SARSUM Trenton Report#[T2016-02048]: (482200N 0704000W - Anse a Croix, QC). Canadian Mission Control Centre (CMCC) advised of an unregistered 406 emergency locator transmitter (ELT) beacon activation. Bagotville Tower called to advise that a float plane that had crashed on the Saguenay River. 424 Squadron Griffon (R493), Hercules (R334), 439 Squadron Griffon, 413 Squadron C130 (R333) and Ch149 (R902) were all tasked. Research and Services Center (MRSC) Quebec also tasked Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Cap Perce, CCGA vessel Grizzly along with 2 Vessels Of Opportunity (VOOs). The 2 persons on board (POB) climbed into a life raft and were picked up by a VOO and were then transferred to the CCGA. The CCGA vessel transported the 2 POBs to shore and handed them over to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and police. All assets were stood down.
UPDATE: Aviation occurrence report #14420: A privately-registered Aeronca S15ACX contacted the Bagotville control tower at 1550Z to report that it was in trouble on the Saguenay River, near L?Anse-à-la-Croix, and was sinking. Search and rescue (SAR) services were contacted immediately. The passengers were rescued by nearby boaters.

June 8, 2010


After departure, a Canadian Forces Cormorant CH149 aircraft, enroute from Gander (CYQX) to Deer Lake (CYDF), declared an emergency due to an engine failure. The helicopter returned to Gander and landed safely with Aircraft Fire Rescue (AFR) on stand-by.