February 2, 2012

Incident at KENORA ON (CYQK) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

The Government of Canada, Department of Defence, Royal Canadian Air Force Canadair CC-144 Challenger Jet aircraft (operating as CFC3008) was on an IFR flight from Portage la Prairie (Southport) Airport (CYPG) to North Bay Airport (CYYB). The flight crew elected to conduct an approach into Kenora Airport (CYQK) while en-route to North Bay Airport. NAV CANADA staff at Winnipeg ACC reported that on the missed approach, the flight crew did not follow the missed approach clearance instructions. Ops. impact -- unknown (no other aircraft affected).
UPDATE Supplemental information received from NAV CANADA: CFC3008 conducted an approach into Kenora Airport while en-route to North Bay Airport. The flight crew received and read back the missed approach instructions "Direct Dryden flight plan route to North Bay." On the missed approach, CFC3008 checked in stating "proceeding direct North Bay." The controller missed the statement and the error was noticed after the handoff to the High Sector Controller. No other aircraft were in the vicinity at the time. Ops. impact -- none.

November 18, 2010

Incident at Near Jebby Intersection

CFC3008, CL600, enroute from Andrews Air Force Base (KADW) to Lajes Air Base (LPLA), was observed 300 feet above the cleared flight level. When queried, pilot advised the autopilot had disengaged and returned to the assigned flight level. There was no other traffic or impact on operations.