March 8, 2000

Incident at St. John's NF

CDR1705 FA28 departed St. John's at 1823Z, during climb-out (passing 10,000') pilot requested return St. John's due to thrust fluctuations in port engine. Landed without further incident at 1846Z. This is the same aircraft that reported engine vibration earlier in the day Feb 08/2000. Note: Correction added to show AC Model as FA28 TSB Evaluating. Update: Maintenance lubricated the low Pressure Blades, the Bleed Strap Pre Load was adjusted, Acceleration/Deceleration times were checked and found within limits. Engine Ground run and no vibrations or fluctuations was noted at 90-100% thrust. Company has been monitoring this aircraft for past 2 weeks and there have been no further reports of engine fluctions or vibrations. TSB file # A00A0054