December 9, 1998


C-FCRB (CDR1320) FOKKER F-28 CANADIAN REGIONAL AIRLINES (1998) LTD. IFR from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay C-GIMV (WSR797) SIKORSKY S76 CANADIAN HELICOPTERS EASTERN VFR from Thunder Bay to Nipigon THU102 was on an IFR flight from Moosonee to Thunder Bay. The flight crew reported north of Thunder Bay for an intended landing on runway 25. WSR797 called ATC for a departure off runway 30. At this point, Winnipeg ACC indicated that CDR1320 was inbound for runway 07 and would be number 2 after THU102 (Winnipeg ACC had originally indicated CDR1320 was using runway 25). THU102 reported five miles north and WSR797 departed runway 30 at 0330Z. The helicopter was flown in a climbing circle to approximately 3,500 feet overhead the airport to facilitate traffic flow (pilot-initiated). WSR797 was advised of the inbound IFR traffic for runway 07. THU102 called down and clear of the runway at 0333Z. WSR797 commenced VFR flight northbound. The arrival time for THU102 was passed to Winnipeg ACC. The controller advised Thunder Bay FSS that CDR1320 was now going to use runway 25 and the flight was then transferred to Thunder Bay FSS on frequency 118.1. CDR1320 called FSS for the first time, "established right downwind runway 25." Traffic information was immediately passed to the flight crew of CDR1320, who indicated they had the traffic on TCAS (no indication of the distance was provided by the flight crew). Both aircraft continued without further incident. A radar data analysis at Winnipeg ACC revealed that a minimum of five (5) miles lateral separation existed between CDR1320 and the VFR helicopter throughout this event. Ops. impact -- unknown. O.P.I.: PAS

July 19, 1996

Incident at Regina, Saskatchewan (Wire strike)

The crew of CDR1320, FK28, advised Regina Tower that they had seen the carcass of a dead turtle while landing on runway 13 at Regina. Maintenance removed the carcass. NWA1514, a DC9 was delayed 3 minutes due to the clean up.

November 16, 1995


The Canadian Regional aircraft was inbound from Thunder Bay when the nosewheel hydraulics were lost. The aircraft landed without incident on Runway 31 at 1303Z. UPDATE: The aircraft lost use of utility hydraulic system when the #1 hydraulic pump light illuminated followed shortly after by the #2 pump light. The gear was extended using the alternate gear extension system and the aircraft landed without incident using an alternate emergency brake system and without nose wheel steering. Loss of hydraulics was traced to a leaking flap motor hydraulic line and leaking ground servicing pressure port.