February 17, 1997

Incident at near Ottawa (Other operational incident, Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, Aerodrome - power failure, ATS operating irregularity)

During the arrival process in a no-radar situation (due to airport power failure), BLS372 (which had cancelled IFR) was overtaken by CDN910 (which was still IFR). Ops. impact -- unknown.

July 17, 1996

Incident at Winnipeg, Manitoba

The crew of Canadian 910, a B737, which was enroute Ottawa from Vancouver at FL350 declared a mayday due to a cracked windshield from hail which the aircraft encountered. The crew advised Winnipeg ATC that they were in an immediate descent 87 miles west of the Langruth VOR. The aircraft diverted to Winnipeg where an uneventful landing was accomplished on runway 18 at 2228Z. There were 83 SOB and 19000 lbs of fuel. The aircraft suffered extensive damage to the outer panel of the left cockpit window, wing leading edge damage and nose cone damage. It was reported that the severe weather was not picked up on the airborne weather radar screen. TSB are following up on this occurrence.