April 9, 2003

Accident at Eagle River

TSB Update A03A0043: The ski equipped ultralight aircraft, Challenger 11 Special, C-IWNL, was on a flight from Eagle River Labrador to Cartwright Labrador. Approximately four miles west of Cartwright and at an altitude of 250 feet above ground, the pilot reduced engine(Rotax 503) power from 4,800 to 4,000 RPM to start a gradual descent. A short time later subsiding air was encountered and the pilot advanced the throttle to prevent the aircraft from descending. However, the engine RPM did not increase and after a couple of seconds, started to decrease. The pilot worked the throttle and added a couple of shots of primer but the RPM continued to decrease and the engine eventually stopped. The aircraft had just overflown a small clearing so the pilot conducted a 180 degree turn and carried out a forced landing, unfortunately, the pilot was unable to stop the aircraft and it overran the small clearing and went into the trees on the other side. The aircraft sustained damage to the nose landing gear, one of the main landing gear and one of the wing struts, the pilot was not injured. Initial examination of the engine revealed that there was little or no compression on one of the cylinders. The pilot/owner intends to recover the aircraft in a couple of weeks and will report to the TSB the findings on the engine teardown.
The Ultralight was on a flight from Eagle River Labrador to Cartwright. During decent at about 250 ft above ground as the power was reduced and the RPM started to bleed off, the throttle was advanced. Despite the advanced Throttle setting, the engine stopped. The aircraft conducted a forced landing in a clearing and continued into the trees. There were no injuries however the aircraft was substantially damaged. TSB - Investigating - More to follow