April 25, 2003


The pilot of C-IGNZ, a Quad City Challenger ultralight, was on a local flight near Lac du Bonnet when the a/c apparently struck power wires and descended to the ground. The pilot was seriously injured and the a/c received substantial damage. The pilot was initially taken to Pinawa Hospital, then was transferred to Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg with head injuries and broken bones.
UPDATE TSB reported that the privately registered ultralight, a Quad City II, C-IGNZ, was being flown in the vicinity of Lac Du Bonnet, MB. While manoeuvring at low level along a highway, the aircraft struck wires and crashed on the highway. The pilot was seriously injured, and the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

August 30, 2001

Incident at GRAND RAPIDS MB (CJV8)

The privately-operated, float-equipped Challenger II ultralight, C-IGNZ, was on the take-off run at Grand Rapids when the propeller struck a wave. The pilot noticed a vibration and loss of thrust and rejected the take-off. A four-inch piece had broken off the tip of one propeller blade. The owner is awaiting a replacement propeller.

July 31, 2001

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH) (Dangerous goods/hazardous materials)

At 0245Z, a security guard at Thompson Airport reported a fuel leak from the homemade auxillary fuel tanks attached to the float struts of C-IGNZ, a parked Quad City Challenger ultralight.There was a small puddle of fuel beneath the aircraft and the airport operator was advised.

June 13, 2001

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH)

UPDATE General Aviation reported that the owner believes the locking mechanism for the gear was not engaged before landing and released after touchdown. The gear has subsequently been examined and tested and is working normally. The owner indicated that use of the gravel runway at Thompson is avoided when possible due to the nature of the landing gear on C-IGNZ.
After C-IGNZ, a Quad City Challenger ultralight, landed on Runway 14 at Thompson, the right side gear collapsed. The aircraft had to be assisted to taxi and was clear of the runway at 0025Z. No operational impact.

May 13, 2001

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown, Aerodrome - runway or taxiway surface condition)

C-IGNZ, an ultralight, landed on Runway 14 at Thompson at 1801Z. The pilot then advised Thompson Radio that he had to exit the aircraft on the runway to fix a minor problem with the landing gear. The aircraft subsequently taxied to the south apron, 5 minutes later. No aircraft were delayed and weather was not a factor.
UPDATE General Aviation reported that the a/c landed on the gravel Runway 14 and upon touchdown, the nosewheel struck a rock. The impact caused the gear to retract and the a/c skidded on the floats for about 30 feet.

March 4, 2001

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH)

At 1719Z, the pilot of C-IGNZ an ultralight, departed from the snow located west of Taxiway Alpha at Thompson Airport. On departure, the FSS operator noticed the aircraft descending toward the snow northeast of Runway 05/23 in the vicinity of the threshold of Runway 05. The pilot made a forced landing but the a/c was not visible from the tower cab. The crash alarm was activated and the City Fire Department was called out. At 1728Z, the pilot informed the FSS operator he was OK via radio and would be taxiing to the south apron, and no assistance was necessary. The Local Airport Authority arrived and towed the aircraft back to the runway. At 1823Z, the aircraft taxied under its own power to the south apron. The City Fire Department was turned around before arriving on the scene. The cause of the forced landing is not known.