October 4, 1997

Accident at 4 S of Vanscoy, SK

C-GZCT had departed from Saskatoon (YXE) at 2047Z on a local dual training flight with an instructor and student on board, and they were returning to YXE when the a/c crashed into a field just south of Vanscoy. It was reported that the a/c crashed almost vertically into the field, and the two occupants were killed on impact. The a/c was destroyed in the accident. TSB Winnipeg investigators are attending the site, and more details will follow as the investigation continues. UPDATE The a/c was on a dual training flight in the local training area, CYA 306T, about 15 NM southwest of Saskatoon. The a/c crashed approximately one hour after takeoff in a field in the NE corner of the training area. The a/c struck the ground in a high rate of descent and both occupants were fatally injured. A TSB field team could find no mechanical problems with the a/c, however the technical member of the TSB team will re-examine the wreckage on October 29 with a representative from the Cessna company. More information will follow.

April 3, 1997

Incident at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (ATS operating irregularity)

CDR 1309 had been cleared for take-off on runway 27 at Saskatoon IFR to Calgary and Edmonton. C-GZCT had been cleared for take off from intersection Alpha on runway 15. Tower personnel observed C-GZCT departing from runway 33. They issued several abort instructions to the pilot of C-GZCT. The pilot discontinued the take off prior to entering runway 27. The crew of CDR 1309 initiated their own rejected take off without instructions from the Tower. There were no injuries or damage to either aircraft. An operating irregularity did occur, however, there was no ATS involvement.