June 21, 2017


An Elbow River Helicopters Bell 407 (C-GYRI) on a flight from Lloydminster, AB (CYLL) to Prince Albert (Glass Field), SK (CYPA) departed NE without transmitting on the mandatory frequency (MF). The helicopter established contact 2 minutes later after switching to another radio. No impact to operations.

August 25, 2006

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ)

C-GYRI C172N departed Runway 23 in Saint John at 2056Z Westbound. C-GYR was noticed to be no longer on radar at 2102Z. Several calls where made to the aircraft on 118.5 with no answer. KCE2 stated that he lost him off the TCAS and offered to take a quick look for him West of the airport but didn't see him. AFC was then called about it and they suspected the radio was turned down. C-GYRI re-entered the zone and on radar for the first time since leaving the zone at 2135 Z while not receiving transmission. Aircraft landed on Runway 23 at 2140Z. AFC advised at 21:50 that volume had been turned down. Nil TSB

March 30, 2006


C-GYRI, Atlantic Flight Centre, enroute from Saint John (CYSJ) to Charlottetown (CYYG), landed on Runway 03 and because the aircraft landed in close proximity to Taxiway B, the operator informed the pilot that Taxiway B was closed. The pilot replied that he would be backtracking for exit but was observed a short time later on Taxiway B. Nil TSB.

March 27, 2005

Incident at FREDERICTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (Conflict - potential)

C-GMFI DV20 enroute Miramichi (CYCH) to Fredericton (CYFC) was inbound to land CYFC runway 27 ETA 0215Z. Aircraft was radar identified and RBL applied. C-GUNB C172 departing Fredericton for Saint John (CYSJ) reported ready for departure runway 27. Departure advisory was given to C-GUNB with active runway and traffic. C-GUNB advised they would hold short runway 27 for arriving aircraft. C-GMFI reported final runway 27 at 0213Z. C-GMFI and C-GUNB coordinated that C-GUNB had enough time to depart prior to the arrival of C-GMFI. C-GUNB taxied for an intersection departure runway 27 eastbound. C-GUNB departed at 0215Z. C-GYRI C172 departing Fredericton for Saint John reported ready for departure. Departure advisory given to C-GYRI did not include active runway and traffic on final. Pilot stated ""we have the traffic on final for runway27"". FSS requested C-YRI to remain holding short of runway 27. C-YRI complied with request. C-GMFI arrived runway 27 at 0218Z stop and go departure at 0220Z. C-GYRI departed runway 27 at 0222Z. Additional traffic was VAL791 BE10 enroute Halifax (CYHZ) to Fredericton Inbound IFR for a visual approach runway33. VAL791 arrived runway 33 at 0228Z. TSB Evaluating

July 24, 2001

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ) (Conflict - potential, Conflict - IFR & VFR)

ARN8199 reported final rwy 32 at aprox. 2302Z. Aprox. 20 seconds later ARN8199 reported a C-172 passing below his nose by aprox 200 feet. Requested from ARN 8199 his distance. He advised 3 miles final. CGYRI then came up saying he was the C-172 in question. TSB evaluating
TSB Update July 26, 2001. A01A0085: The Air Canada Regional Dash 8, call sign ARN8199, was on a scheduled flight from Halifax, NS to Saint John, NB. A Cessna 172, C-GYRI, was in the circuit on Runway 23 at Saint John and had been advised of the inbound traffic. The pilot of the Cessna acknowledged the information and intended to complete the circuit then depart over the city while the Dash 8 was landing on runway 32. During climb-out the pilot of the Cessna turned left which eventually placed the aircraft in the approach path of Runway 32. A right turn out would have placed him in a more direct flight path over the city. Approximately 20 seconds after the Dash 8 crew reported final on runway 32 the Cessna 172 crossed underneath at an estimated 200 feet below the nose of the Dash 8. When the Dash 8 crew queried the FSS, the pilot of the Cessna 172 indicated he was the aircraft in question.

March 20, 2001

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ) (TCAS alert)

Update October 16, 2001. General Aviation. CADORS Narrative Update: The PIC was a flight instructor conducting a training flight. All appropriate and correct radio calls and procedures were carried out. No further follow up action is required by MART.
C-GYRI C172 departed runway 32 at 1537 for a local VFR flight over Long Island training area at an altitude of 3.0. ARN862, while taxing, was given traffic as a C172 departing and heading North for a local VFR flight. At 1540 FSS requested an altitude check from C-GYRI. C-GYRI responded - 3.0 over Long Island. ARN862 departed runway 32 at 1542. ARN862 reported clear of the circuit and C-GYRI responded with a report of coming up on Long Island level 3.0. At 1545 ARN862 reported he took evasive action to avoid a C172 which showed up on his TCAS while he was on the climb out. The traffic was determined to be C-GYRI which the Air Nova pilot expected to be North of the airport when it was actually more Northwest of the airport and closer to his climb out path than anticipated. Saint John FSS will complete TCAS report form. TSB case closed with more to follow.

March 17, 2001

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ)

Update October 10, 2001 General Aviation. CADORS Narrative Update: The PIC was a Flight Instructor conducting the flight with a trainee onboard. No training concerns were identified and no further follow up action was required by MART.
Update Maintenance and Manufacturing Mar 26 2001. Maintenance discovered a broken wire terminal at the alternator.
CGYRI C172 departed Saint John for Fredericton at 1521z. At 1526z the aircraft advised returning to the field due to a faulty alternator. C-GYRI landed without incident at 1532z. Nil TSB

October 19, 1997

Incident at Saint John NB

C-FZTQ C172 departed Saint John with an instructor and student for a local training flight at 1616z. C-GYRI C172 departed Saint John for a trip to Grand Manan ar 1652z. The pilots of C-FZTQ and C-GYRI saw each other at the same altitude and C-FZTQ climbed whle C-GYRI descended. Both aircraft passed with an estimated 300 foot clearance. Both aircraft were in VFR flight conditions and had received traffic advisories from the Saint John Flight Service Station. Case closed

April 17, 1997

Incident at Saint John NB

The pilot of C-GYRI was doing touch and go's on runway 32 at Saint John airport. During the last landing the wind blew the aircraft off the side of the runway. Wind was 240/10. No damage to aircraft.