October 8, 2000

Accident at Whitehorse, YT

Approximately 3 minutes after departure from Whitehorse at 2041Z, the pilot of C-GXGQ, a Cvjetkovic homebuilt with 2 people on board, called Tower to advise that the engine had quit and they were executing a forced approach onto Mountain View Road. All services were called and dispatched to the site. The aircraft was located on secondary road and Tower was advised that both occupants were uninjured. The aircraft sustained some damage to the wings, fuselage and landing gear. The pilot reported that after takeoff with full fuel, she switched from the main fuel tank to the auxiliary tank, and it was at that moment that the engine quit. She switched back to the main tank, but the engine would not re-start. The reason for the malfunction in the fuel system is unknown. OPI - Maintenance and Manufacturing UPDATE M. & M. reported that the Cvjetkovic homebuilt had just departed Whitehorse when the pilot switched fuel tanks from the main to the auxiliary. The passenger (who just sold the aircraft to his wife) stated that he never uses the fuel boost pump when switching tanks, only for starting. He also stated that the fuel system in this aircraft has never worked that well. Nevertheless, three minutes after take off, the pilot switched tanks and the engine quit. He stated that after switching back to the main tank, the engine would not re-start. By this time he was at tree top level and had to set up for an emergency landing on a secondary road, never having tried the boost pump. He said he has not yet looked to see where the problem is.

March 20, 1999

Accident at Dawson, YT

The pilot of C-GXGQ, a homebuilt CA-65, a single engine two-seater, was on approach to Runway 02 at Dawson. The pilot reported he lowered the gear handle, but was distracted by gusty wind conditions and did not check gear down. As the a/c touched down, the partially extended gear collapsed. Although there were no injuries, it was reported that the a/c was substantially damaged. OPi - System Safety