October 28, 2009

Incident at CALGARY / SPRINGBANK AB (CYBW) (Overshoot/missed approach, Conflict - potential, ATS operating irregularity)

Springbank Tower changed the active runway from Runway 25 to Runway 34 and was in the process of moving traffic to the other runway. An ATC Operating Irregularity occurred when the pilot of C-GVOF, a Mount Royal College Grumman GA-7, was cleared for a touch and go on Runway 34 while C-FOMV, a Bighorn Helicopters R22 was hovering over the threshold of Runway 34. The pilot of C-GVOF initiated a missed approach then landed safely after the overshoot.

May 9, 2005


UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that only one of the 2 crew on board reported the 'snag', quote 'a smell of burning wires when the boost pump was turned on, light on landing gear indicators went off, left boost pump indicator not working'. The aircraft was inspected and no source of smell was discovered. The LH boost pump indicator was replaced. The aircraft has flown with no recurrence of the smell and an SDR has been submitted
C-GVOF, a Grumman GA-7 Cougar with 2 people on board, was taxiing for departure at Springbank when the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. He advised Tower that he was shutting down the electrical equipment and returning to the hangar. No emergency assistance was required.

February 20, 2005


On landing the landing roll-out at Springbank, C-GVOF, a Grumman GA 7 experienced a brake failure and the aircraft exited the runway surface on the west side at low speed. No damage was incurred by the aircraft and no passengers sustained injuries. The aircraft was towed away, a runway inspection completed and no FOD found.

April 7, 2004


C-FOOO, a Piper Navajo, departed from Runway 16 at Springbank for Peace River and the pilot left the appropriate ATC frequency while on a left downwind departure. Traffic was C-GVOF, a Cessna 172 on a local VFR flight. After several failed attempts to reach the pilot of C-FOOO and when the aircraft were 1.5 mile apart, the pilot of C-GVOF was issued instructions to avoid C-FOOO. Contact was eventually re-established with the pilot of C-FOOO and it was determined that the pilot was operating on the Ground frequency.