September 26, 2001

Accident at WABUSH NL (CYWK)

CGVBH AS350D Helicopter at 1508Z pilot advise inbound for Wabush to pick up fuel at aprx 1520Z. CGVHB did not arive at ETA. At 1603Z AMT7166 received emergency call on 121.5 from CGVHB and all info relayed to Wabush FSS for relay to company. CGVBH experienced tail rotor problem and landed safely at coordinate 5310.2N/06627.86W. Only asistance requested by pilot was to have company dispatch helicopter to pick up pilot. Request relayed to company. TSB case closed with more to follow.
TSB UPDATE:A01A0123: C-GVHB, an AS-350 had just taken off from a survey camp and was en route to Wabush at 1000 feet agl after finishing a day of slinging operations, when the baggage pod door opened. The pilot had started a descent to land when a seat cushion flew out of the baggage pod and struck the tail rotor. The pilot felt a vibration, adjusted the aircraft speed to 60 kts, and made a precautionary landing in a bog. After landing, the pilot discovered damage to the tail rotor blades and a dent in the tail boom. The pilot was uninjured and was picked up by another helicopter operator in the area and flown to Wabush.