October 31, 2011


C-GUYM, a Bell 206 operated by Great Slave Helicopters, was en route to Yellowknife when the aircraft's VHF radio stopped functioning. The aircraft landed safely at 0008z. No contact was established with Yellowknife Tower. Great Slave Helicopters was in contact with the pilot via FM radio and advised tower of the situation. No other aircraft were operating in control zone at the time.

August 17, 2011


C-GUYM, a Great Slave Helicopters Bell 206, completed a flight to Inuvik from the south inside the ADIZ with no flight plan.

May 4, 2006

Incident at YELLOWKNIFE NT (CYZF) (Conflict - potential, ATS operating irregularity)

UPDATE ANS and Airspace reported that this occurrence will be a Level 1 OSI investigation by Nav Canada.
AT 505, a Beech 99, was cleared for takeoff from Runway 27 at Yellowknife while C-GUYM, a Bell 206, was operating on the threshold of Runway 09. The crew of AT 505 queried the intentions of the helicopter pilot, which resulted in the potential conflict being revealed.

September 30, 2003

Incident at FORT LIARD NT (CYJF)

The pilot of C-GUYM, a Bell 206, departed Fort Liard without contacting the CARS O/C on the airport MF.

September 13, 2001

Incident at FORT LIARD NT (CYJF)

The pilot of C-GUYM, a Bell 206, landed at Fort Liard and then departed from this aerodrome without contacting CARS station on the Mandatory Frequency. The company was contacted about this. The CARS operator attempted contact with the pilot on the Mandatory Frequency but got no response.