July 2, 2017


A 0792774 B.C. Ltd. Cessna TU206G (C-GTST) on a local flight from Penticton, BC (CYYF) on departure had gear indicator up issues. The aircraft did a fly-by and the gear was observed to be up. On return from a flight to Kelowna, the aircraft again had indicator issues. The aircraft did a fly-by and gear was observed to be down. The flight landed safely at 2319Z. No impact on operations.

May 4, 2016

Incident at KAMLOOPS BC (CYKA)

A 1124498 Alberta Ltd Cessna TU206G (C-GTST) from Williams Lake, BC (CYWL) to Kamloops, BC (CYKA) first contact was on 3 mile final approach for Runway 09. There was no impact on operations.

October 29, 1997

Accident at De Winton, AB

The pilot of C-GTST was re-positioning the a/c for the winter to a private strip which was about 1500 feet in length. The a/c was being flown with amphibious floats, and on approach, the pilot was attempting to fly at a lower than normal speed due to the length of the runway. On short final the a/c apparently stalled and impacted the ground hard enough to buckle the rear fuselage. The pilot was not injured in the accident.