March 11, 2020


A Government of Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Eurocopter EC120B (AIRR1) on a flight from Langley, BC (CYNJ) to Langley, BC (CYNJ) reported ready for departure from the North Apron. A TRK Helicopters Bell 412 (C-GTRK) on a flight from Langley, BC (CYNJ) to Langley, BC (CYNJ) was right downwind for Runway 25, conducting circuits, and was instructed to extend downwind to allow for AIRR1 to depart. C-GTRK was observed turning base, so the tower instructed the aircraft to pull up and turn crosswind to avoid overflying the runway. C-GTRK did not pull up as instructed and flew over the runway at about 3 feet off the pavement. Impact: AIRR1 was held on the North Apron until C-GTRK was West of AIRR1.

April 26, 2019


A privately registered Cessna 177B from origin unknown to Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK) deviated from the acknowledged control instructions, causing a conflict with a TRK Helicopters (B.C.) Ltd. Bell 412 (C-GTRK) from Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK) to Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK).

December 14, 2001

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

C-GTRK, a Cessna 414, landed on Runway 05 at Thompson after a flight from Cross Lake at 0708Z and the pilot advised FSS that the a/c had a flat tire. The aircraft was subsequently towed off the runway at 0830Z. Runway 05/23 closed by NOTAM from 0709Z until 0830Z.

June 5, 2001

Incident at WINNIPEG / JAMES ARMSTRONG RICHARDSON INTL MB (CYWG) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

UPDATE TSB reported that the Cessna 414 landed at Winnipeg and towards the latter part of the landing roll the aircraft made an uncommanded turn to the right and came to a stop perpendicular to the runway. There were no injuries. The runway was shut down for approximately one hour to accommodate removal of the aircraft. It was found that the right main landing gear scissor link had disconnected at the knee. The scissor link bolt head at the knee had worked itself and the bushing completely through the link hole, disconnecting the upper scissor from the lower scissor. It was found that there was no washer under the bolt head. Maintenance and Manufacturing added that on roll-out, the R/H main gear scissors disconnected, and the lower portion of the strut then turned 90 degrees to the intended path of the aircraft. The aircraft swung approximately 270 degrees and came to rest on the runway. After straightening the wheel, the aircraft was towed to a local AMO for further inspection / repairs. Pim Air Maintenance found that a washer was not installed under the head of the scissor-link pivot bolt. This allowed the bolt and bushing to pull through the links. The landing gear and surrounding structure was inspected, and a gear swing performed. A specific purpose flight permit was issued by the Winnipeg TCC for the purpose of ferrying the aircraft to Thompson with the R/H main gear door removed. M. & M. will follow up on the incident.
C-GTRK, a Cessna 414, landed on Runway 18 at Winnipeg and was on rollout when the right main gear turned perpendicular and the a/c swung 360 degrees. The a/c came to a stop on the runway and ACA 3927, an A320, which was on final at the time, was overshot. This a/c diverted to Brandon. NWA 783, a DC-9, was put into a hold and eventually diverted to Grand Forks. ACA 3973, awaiting departure, returned to the Terminal. Runway 18 was NOTAMed closed until 2100Z. (Runway 13/31 is closed for maintenance). Other flights were delayed slightly and landed on Runway 07. The WAA (Winnipeg Airport Authority) approved Runway 07 for jet operations at 1940Z. The following jet a/c used Runway 07 - arrivals: FAB 951, CMM 2781; departures: WJA 42. AT 2030Z, the WAA rescinded the approval for jet operations on Runway 07. The disabled a/c was removed from Runway 18 and the runway was returned to service at 2048Z. TSB will be contacting the company for determine the cause of the gear failure. Initial information suggests that the scissor links on the gear may have disconnected. There were no injuries to the occupants and the a/c was at relatively low speed at the time of the incident.

March 23, 2000

Incident at Thompson, MB

C-GTRK, a Cessna 414, made two attempts to depart from Thompson for Cross Lake and both times the pilot informed FSS that he would have to return to the airport. ERS responded and the a/c landed safely. The pilot declined to indicate the nature of the problem. TSB will be contacting the operator. OPI - System Safety UPDATE TSB reported that the flights were test flights after work had been done on the rigging. On the first flight, the pilot determined that the rigging was not right and decided to come back to the airport. Maintenance was then completed on the a/c and the second flight was made with an AME to confirm that the work was done correctly. There was no emergency involved with the flights.

February 14, 2000

Incident at Thompson, MB


September 28, 1999

Incident at Thompson, MB (Conflict - near collision (VFR or IFR))

This report was originally submitted by Thompson, FSS on September 28, 1999. At that time the Winnipeg ACC Shift Manager discussed the situation with Thompson FSS and determined that it was not a reportable occurrence and it was not processed further. The Western Regional Safety Manager has indicated that the incident will now be investigated through a Fact Finding Board and has requested that the original occurrence report be recorded in the AOR System. The report is as follows: CAV T8 a Hawker Siddeley 748, was doing local training and had reported in the hold over the Hotel Beacon at 4,000 ft. at 2147Z. The pilot of C-GTRK, a Cessna 414, reported to Thompson FSS that he was inbound from Cross Lake and estimating the field at 2158Z. The pilot reported 10 miles S of Thompson at 2155Z. Winnipeg Center advised via the hotline that Trainer 8 was leaving the hold to perform a localizer backcourse approach for Runway 23. At 2157Z, Trainer 8 appreared to be on final approach to Runway 23 and requested the position of C-GTRK. The pilot of C-GTRK reported that he was on final approach and was turning to avoid Trainer 8 at 2158Z. Winnipeg Center further adivsed that Trainer 8 was planning to do a full procedure localizer backcourse approach to Runway 23, followed by a missed approach and then straight into the ILS Runway 05 approach. However, the crew of Trainer 8 landed and stopped on the runway. The pilot of C-GTRK was forced to break off the final approach and circle while Trainer 8 exited the runway. Winnipeg Center was surprised by the actions of the crew of Trainer 8. Trainer 8 cleared the runway at 2201Z and the pilot of C-GTRK landed on Runway 23 at 2202Z. Trainer 8 later departed Runway 23 and continued the IFR training. Weather may have been a factor due to low cloud in the vicinity of Runway 23 approach path. Trainer 8 and C-GTRK were not visible from the tower cab until their landing lights were on. The ceiling was reported at 0101 broken. OPI - System Safety UPDATE ANS and Airspace reported that NavCanada has determined that a Fact-Finding Board will not be required for this occurrence.

May 6, 1999

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH) (Incursion - runway - aircraft, Conflict - potential, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

Tanker ""290 + 1"", a CL-215 with another CL-215 following, reported inbound to Thompson at 1933Z, about 8.5 miles northeast of the airport, ETA of 7 minututes. The pilot of C-GTRK, a Cessna 414, requested a departure advisory for a medevac flight from Runway 05. FSS passed the traffic as two tankers on a long downwind for Runway 05. The crew of Tanker ""290 + 1"" advised they would extend their downwind leg to allow the medevac flight to depart. C-GTRK took off at 1939Z. The two tankers were observed turning final for Runway 05 at 1939Z and the crew of Tanker ""290 + 1"" then reported final as Tanker ""290 + 2"". FSS requested clarification and was advised that there were now two other a/c following, including Birddog 8, a Cessna 337. Birddog 8 was observed on left base for Runway 05. Communication with the pilot of Birddog 8 was established and he was advised that a separate call was required before entering the control zone. The pilot acknowledged. Tanker 290 landed on Runway 05 and taxied to the threshold of Runway 23, where the a/c stopped. The second tanker was now on short final and proceeded to land. Both tankers were on Runway 05 as Birddog 8 landed at 1942Z. All three a/c were on the runway at the same time and they then taxied to the north apron. OPI - Enforcement

November 10, 1998

Incident at Thompson, MB

C-GTRK, a Cessna 414 with 3 crew and 2 passengers, departed Cross Lake on a medevac flight to Winnipeg and shortly after departure, the pilot reported rudder control problems to Winnipeg ACC. He indicated that he was diverting the flight to Thompson, where ERS was requested to be on standby. The a/c landed safely at Thompson at 0405Z. No other a/c were inconvenienced. TSB has been informed and more information may be available. OPI - System Safety UPDATE TSB reported that maintenance checked the rudder control system and found no faults. The crew acknowledged that they had not cycled and set the rudder trim accurately before the flight. The a/c had undergone a maintenance check prior to the flight and the trims had not been zeroed. The trims were re-set, the a/c test flown and found to be serviceable.

October 10, 1998

Incident at Thompson, MB

C-GTRK, a Cessna 414, departed Thompson at 0911Z for Cross Lake with 3 people on board, and about 9 minutes later the pilot reported that he was returning due to an engine failure. The pilot did not declare an emergency but ERS was requested to be on standby as the a/c landed at 0943Z. TSB has been advised and more information may be available. OPI - Maintenance and Manufacturing UPDATE TSB reported that maintenance discovered a broken connecting rod that had punched a hole in the crankcase. The TBO on this engine had been extended to 1900 hours and the failure occurred in the last 50 hour extension. The extensions had been requested because of late deliveries of engines from the overhaul contractor. UPDATE M. & M. reported that the company will be requested to provide a strip/failure report to Transport Canada. This is the second high time engine failure this year for this operator. The engine in question had a TBO of 1750 hours and an additional 150 hours were granted due to delays in the delivery of replacement engines from the overhaul facility. The engine has now been replaced and the a/c is back in service. UPDATE M. & M. reported that the teardown conducted at Aero Recip in Winnipeg revealed extensive internal damage, making it difficult to determine the exact cause of the failure. It is suspected that the most likely cause of the broken connecting rod in the number 1 cylinder was a previous hydraulic lock as referenced in Continental SB 96-11.

August 5, 1998

Incident at Cross Lake, MB

C-GTRK, a Cessna 414, was on a 1/2 mile final for Runway 23 at Cross Lake when the a/c experienced a right engine failure. The pilot landed the a/c safely. OPI - Maintenance and Manufacturing UPDATE TSB reported that the fuel pump was defective. An SDR will be submitted. UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing reported that the RHand engine driven fuel pump failed while a/c on short final/landing. Pilot elected to feather/secure engine shutdown. Elect boost pump was available, but not used. Maintenance confirmed pump failure (1160 smoh) by Valley Aero of BC. Pump replaced, runup carried out and a/c returned to service. SDR requested this date from D of Maintenance of Pimichikamac Air.

April 14, 1998

Incident at Winnipeg, MB

CAV 1598 was inbound to Winnipeg on a scheduled flight from Churchill and had been cleared to land on Runway 31. The pilot of C-GTRK was in position on Runway 36 with takeoff instructions, but had not been given takeoff clearance. The pilot apparently misinterpreted the instructions as a clearance and began the takeoff roll as CAV 1598 touched down on Runway 31. The Tower controller instructed the pilot to stop several times, and C-GTRK stopped short of Runway 31. CAV 1598 exited on Runway 36 with approval. A preliminary NavCanada investigation is ongoing. Weather was VFR. OPI - Enforcement

October 27, 1997

Incident at CALGARY INTL AB (CYYC) (Conflict - loss of separation)

C-GTRK took off on Runway 16 at 2347Z for Edmonton City Centre Airport and the crew were assigned the Calgary 7 departure, which included a clearance to climb to 16,000 feet and an assigned heading of 295 degrees. At 2349Z, C-GPOT departed from the same runway for Saskatoon, and the crew were issued a clearance that included a climb to 9,000 feet and a heading of 070 degrees. On the climbout, apparently C-GTRK drifted to the east of runway heading and when the crew turned to their assigned heading of 295 degrees, their a/c crossed the path of C-GPOT which had departed from Runway 16. UPDATE The controller took corrective action by restricting C-GPOT to 6000 feet with an immediate turn to 070 degrees. Separation was reduced to 2 miles and 800 feet, and the weather conditions were VMC.