August 3, 2015

Incident at CALGARY INTL AB (CYYC) (FOD (foreign object debris), Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

Update from Maintenance & Manufacturing: The aircraft registration was C-GSUM. The observed puffs of smoke were caused by the centre rotor of the #2 brake assy locking up consequently causing the tire to skid on roll out. The #2 wheel/tire assembly and brake pack were replaced with no further defects. The brake assembly has been returned to the repair facility for evaluation and awaiting input from manufacturer. A Service Difficulty Report (SDR) was also submitted.
A Suncor Energy Bombardier CL-600-2D24 Series 900 (JSN377), from Edmonton, AB (CYEG) to Calgary, AB (CYYC), after landing on runway, numerous puffs of smoke were observed on the roll out from the right main landing gear. JSN377 was able to exit on Taxiway U. An Air Canada Embraer E190 (ACA227), from Calgary, AB (CYYC) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR), was held in position on Runway 17R pending a runway inspection for Foreign Object Debris (FOD). A Jazz Bombardier CL-600 2B19 Series 200 (JZA8224), from Yellowknife, NT (CYZF) to Calgary, AB (CYYC), was overshot by Tower 2 mile final Runway 17R due to ACA227 holding in position. All arrivals diverted to Runway 17L pending inspection which found no FOD. ACA227 delayed approximately 5 minutes. JSN377 was able to taxi back to Apron 8 unassisted.

August 6, 2013


The following aircraft landed and subsequently taxied off the manoeuvring area with visibility below 1/2SM: A Westjet Boeing 737-7CT (C-GVWJ/ WJA157) from Calgary, AB (CYYC) to Fort McMurray, AB (CYMM) landed 1305Z. A Suncor Energy Bombardier CL-600-2D24 (C-GSUM/ JSN500) from Calgary, AB (CYYC) to Fort McMurray, AB (CYMM) landed 1320Z. An Airco Aircraft Charters Piper PA-31-350 (C-GZNB/ AR377) from Red Deer, AB (CYQF) to Fort McMurray (CYMM) landed 1400Z. A North Cariboo Flying Service de Havilland DHC 8 311 (C-GNCF/ NCB6300) from Edmonton, AB (CYEG) to Fort McMurray, AB (CYMM) landed 1408Z. A 1201148 Alberta Ltd de Havilland DHC 8 106 (C-GSLT) from Edmonton, AB (CYEG) to Fort McMurray, AB (CYMM) landed 1414Z.

August 1, 2013

Incident at FORT MCMURRAY AB (CYMM) (FOD (foreign object debris), Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

A Suncor Energy Bombardier CL-600-2D24 (C-GSUM/ JSN579) from Fort McMurray, AB (CYMM) to Calgary, AB (CYYC) reported possible bird strike on rotation. Runway inspection found remains of 2 gulls on the runway. North Cariboo Flying Service (NCB1251) was delayed less than 5 minutes for departure.
Update Maintenance & Manufacturing: Visual check for bird strike damage: Completed aircraft external bird strike inspection clockwise (C/W). No damage noted.

July 26, 2013


A Suncor Energy Bombardier CL600-2D24 (C-GSUM/ JSN263) from Fort MacKay, AB (CFG6) to Edmonton, AB (CYEG) initiated missed approach due to being high on final runway 20. JSN263 landed without incident at 0014Z. No impact to operations.
Update Suncor Energy: On 07/25/2013 at approximately 2350Z, while en route from CFG6 to CYEG in C-GSUM, we obtained descent clearance from Edmonton Centre prior to top of descent, and started down on schedule. However on at least three occasions the controller levelled us off for varying periods of time which placed us well above our descent profile. By the time we arrived at the initial approach fix (GABET) we were still very high, and despite our best efforts at reducing altitude it became apparent that a stable approach to the runway would not be achievable, and after a short delay waiting for the frequency to clear, we requested a 360, explaining that we had been kept too high for too long. Presumably due to proximal traffic, the controller vectored us down the runway and onto a right hand downwind leg. From there we were cleared for a visual approach to runway 20 via the NISKU beacon.

July 26, 2012

Incident at EDMONTON INTL AB (CYEG) (FOD (foreign object debris), Aerodrome - runway or taxiway surface condition)

On a walk around in Edmonton, the crew of C-GSUM, a Suncor CRJ 900, observed that runway/taxiway tar was picked up by the number 4 tire and flung under the wing and into the right engine. Maintenance was called to examine the engine and it showed extensive damage. Edmonton Airport Authority was advised and they came to examine the airplane. Maintenance in the process of replacing /repairing the engine.
UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that Edmonton International Airport (YEG) has found no indication that the tar was picked up in YEG. YEG?s tarring program did not commence until September and on inspection they found no areas that may have caused the tar on the aircraft. YEG reviewed the landing area and the taxi path of the aircraft and found nothing that would have contributed to the amount of tar on the aircraft. Also they have not received any concerns from other carriers.

June 15, 2011


The crew of JSN 177, a CRJ 900 operated by Suncor, contacted the Edmonton Centre Shift Manager at approximately 1815z and reported a lightning strike which occurred between 0435z and 0440z as the aircraft was turning final for Runway 16 at Calgary. They did not previously advise ATC of the strike as it was not confirmed until the aircraft was inspected and the strike area located on the aircraft.
UPDATE TSB reported that the privately operated Bombardier CL-600-2D24 (CAR 604), registration C-GSUM, operating as flight JSN 177, was struck by lightning while turning final for Runway 16 at Calgary. The strike was marked by an electrical discharge bolt extending out from the nose of the aircraft, followed by a bright flash and an audible thud. No EICAS messages were observed, the aircraft systems appeared unaffected, and the flight landed in Calgary without further incident. Maintenance examination identified an estimated 30 lightning exit points on the airframe. The radome sustained paint chip damage and many small arc marks were visible on rivets along stringer 7R, which runs along the entire length of the right side of the fuselage at the lap joint between the crown and fuselage skins. One section of the right cockpit window frame and the tip of the right horizontal stabilizer sustained minor damage that required repair. The flight crew had plotted a path well clear of areas of heavy precipitation, the worst of which had been indicated by patches of green with occasional yellow on the weather radar, and ATC had issued deviation vectors. Clouds were topped at approximately FL210, and the weather radar showed one pocket of precipitation 15 to 20 miles to the left and another 15 to 20 miles to the right. The aircraft was still in IMC and had entered a band of light precipitation on descent through approximately 8,000 feet, when the lightning strike occurred.

April 30, 2009


C-GSUM, a CRJ 900 operated by Suncor, was descending into Calgary on a flight from Magundy when the crew reported a lightning strike when overhead the YYC VOR at 8,000 feet. They did not require any assistance and completed a normal landing on Runway 34 at 0003z.

August 21, 2001

Incident at EDMONTON CITY CENTRE / BLATCHFORD AB (CYXD) (Conflict - loss of separation, ATS operating irregularity)

UPDATE ANS and Airspace reported that NAV CANADA will convene a Fact Finding Board.
The pilot of C-GXUX, a Beech Duchess, departed Runway 16 at Edmonton City Centre Airport. City Centre Tower requested that the Terminal Controller turn C-GXUX to facilitate the next departure, which was C-GSUM, a Beech King Air. The Terminal Controller had the pilot of C-GXUX turn right to a heading of 250 degrees. The Terminal Controller then requested the pilot of C-GXUX to turn left to a heading of 090 degrees. This assigned heading caused C-GXUX to pass through the departure path of Runway 16. The pilot of C-GSUM departed Runway 16 and climbed runway heading. The spacing between the aircraft was reduced to .9 NM and 700 feet in an area where 3 miles or 1,000 feet are required.

September 30, 1997

Incident at Fort McMurray, AB (Incursion - runway - animal)

C-GSUM was preparing for departure on Runway 25 for a flight to Edmonton City Centre airport, and the crew was advised by FSS staff of the presence of a coyote on the runway. The crew acknowledged, and indicated that they saw the animal. The crew elected to take off, and on the take off roll, the left gear struck the coyote. The a/c continued it's flight without further incident, and the crew advised FSS that a check of the runway would be in order. The remains of the coyote were cleaned up from Runway 25.

August 24, 1997

Incident at EDMONTON CITY CENTRE / BLATCHFORD AB (CYXD) (Conflict - potential)

C-GSUM, a Cessna 501 Citation, was on final for Runway 16, about 2 miles north of the XD NDB. At the same time, C-FSMU, an ultralight, was transitting the YXD control zone at 3400 feet ASL about 2 miles southwest of CFB Namao. C-FSMU had no transponder, and when its position was determined, the traffic was passed to the crew of C-GSUM, who reported the traffic in sight and flew over C-FSMU.