July 5, 2001

Incident at RED DEER REGIONAL AB (CYQF) (Conflict - loss of separation, Aircraft navigation/communication equipment)

UPDATE M. & M. confirmed that the transmit switch on C-GSFI was indeed the one sticking on intermittently. The defect was entered by the flight crew after they became aware of the problem. The defect was then rectified before the next flight.
While Edmonton ACC was vectoring two aircraft for spacing about 25 NM north of Red Deer, a third aircraft attempted to check in on the frequency, but his microphone was stuck open and for approximately one minute the Controller was unable to establish contact with any of his aircraft. Because of this interference, the two aircraft being vectored got to within 4 NM and 800 feet of each other. The required standard in this area is either 5 NM lateral or 1,000 feet vertical. The aircraft believed to be the one with the communication equipment problem is C-GSFI, a Cessna 425 enroute from Calgary to Edmonton.

April 4, 2001


The pilot of CNS 425, a Cessna 425, had clearance to taxi to Runway 16 at City Centre Airport via Taxiways A,D,C and to hold short of Runway 12. CNS 425 entered onto Runway 12 without authorization. No impact to operations.

October 13, 1999

Incident at Saint John

C-GSFI C425 was on SID departure off runway 32 in Saint John for a IFR flight from Saint John to Thunder Bay. Flight commenced a left turn prior to establishing contact with ATC. NIL TSB