April 3, 2006


UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that C-GRJN had departed Daring Lake, NT en route to Yellowknife, NT when the pilot noticed the engine oil pressure began to slowly decrease. Approximately 1.5 hours into the flight, the oil pressure had dropped into the yellow (caution) range of the gauge, and as the aircraft was equipped with skis, the pilot made a precautionary landing on a lake 32 NM north of Yellowknife. A licensed engineer from an appropriated rated AMO flew to the site and examined the aircraft. No major defects were found, oil was added and an engine run-up was preformed. As all operational parameters were normal the pilot again departed for Yellowknife, NT. Ten minutes into this second flight, the oil pressure began to drop and again the pilot made a precautionary landing on Duncan Lake. The next day the engineer returned to the aircraft and found the hose from the engine to an externally mounted STC?d oil filter installation leaking. The hose was removed and the engine returned to its original configuration, run-up checks were preformed and the aircraft departed to Yellowknife with no further problems. The owner's AMO is replacing this hose.
The pilot of C-GRJN, a ski-equipped Maule M4, carried out forced landing on lake about 30 miles north of Yellowknife due to engine failure. There was no damage or injuries.The aircraft took off again a short while later, had a high oil pressure indication and the pilot did a second forced landing at Duncan Lake (62 47.94N / 114 08.28W) . The cause of these engine problems is not known.

June 29, 2004


The CARS O/C at Rae Lakes advised that C-GRJN, a Maule M4, was heard overhead the airport and landed at 1615z without contact on the airport Mandatory Frequency.

April 8, 2004


C-GRJN, a Maule M4, was on a local VFR flight at Yellowknife and during a landing attempt, the aircraft touched down on Runway 09 then bounced, yawed to port and exited the runway into the infield. The aircraft then became airborne and departed the area. Winds were observed at that time to be 090-120 degrees at 10-15 kts. The aircraft returned some time later and landed safely. There were minor delays to 2 aircraft.

May 15, 1999

Incident at Yellowknife, NT

The pilot of C-GRJN, a single-engine four-seat Maule M-4, was doing circuits at Yellowknife when he reported smoke in the cockpit. The pilot landed and shut down on the runway, where the a/c was inspected by ERS. No fire was found, so the pilot then taxied to the apron without further problem. The two occupants were not injured and no other a/c were inconvenienced. OPI - Maintenance and Manufacturing UPDATE M. & M. reported that on the downwind leg the pilot decided to extend to allow another aircraft to depart. He selected cabin heat on and a puff of smoke entered the cockpit, so he asked to land immediately. The aircraft has been inspected by an AME and the rocker box cover gaskets were found to be leaking oil onto the muffler assembly. The gaskets have been replaced and the aircraft returned to service.

July 2, 1998

Incident at Yellowknife, NT

The pilot of C-GRJN, a Maule M-4, was enroute VFR from High Level to Yellowknife, when he reported over White Point Beach at 2316Z with an engine failure. At 2318Z, the pilot advised that he had re-started the engine, but was declaring a low fuel situation. He advised that he would land on a highway if his engine quit again, and requested ERS be on standby at the airport. C-GRJN landed at Yellowknife at 2325Z. Two other a/c were delayed about 5 minutes during the incident. OPI - System Safety