October 2, 2019

Incident at KERPU intersection (ATS operating irregularity)

A loss of separation occurred between an Air Transat Airbus A330-200 (TSC249) on a flight from Barcelona, Spain (LEBL) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) and a Chartright Air Canadair CL-600-2B16 (HRT056) on a flight from Philadelphia Intl, PA (KPHL) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) while the terminal controller was sequencing HRT056 behind TSC249. The loss occurred as terminal instructed HRT056 to contact the tower. The tower instructed HRT056 to go around. HRT056 landed at 2127Z. There was no operational impact.
Update TSB Report #A19O0145: C-GTSI, an Airbus A330-200 aircraft operated by Air Transat, was conducting flight TSC249 from Barcelona/El Prat del Llobragat (LEBL), Spain to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl. (CYYZ), ON. CGPAJ, a Canadair CL600-2A12 aircraft operated by Chartright was conducting flight HRT056 from Philadelphia Intl. (KPHL), PA to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl. (CYYZ), ON. A loss of wake turbulence separation occurred on approach to CYYZ while the terminal controller was sequencing HRT056 behind TSC249. The loss of separation occurred as terminal controller instructed HRT056 to contact the tower controller. HRT056 was less than the required 5 nm behind TSC249, coming up to 4.4 nm before the tower instructed HRT056 to go around.

August 15, 2019

Incident at SEKOP intersection

A Chartright Air Canadair CL-600-2A12 (C-GPAJ/HRT056) on a flight from Ottawa/MacDonald-Cartier Intl, ON (CYOW) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) descended through the published altitude limit at SEKOP, despite several reminders from the controller. No operational impact.

July 15, 2016

Incident at In the vicinity of: TETERBORO, NJ

TSB#A16F0112: C-GPAJ, a Bombardier Challenger CL600-2A12 (601) aircraft operated by Chartright Air, was just passed the RUBER intersection on descent through 7000 feet ASL at Teterboro, NJ (KTEB) on a flight from Toronto/LBPIA, ON (CYYZ), when it experienced a TCAS Traffic Advisory. ATC advised the crew of an unknown VFR target closing in on their path. When the traffic was within 400 feet, C-GPAJ advised that it was initiating an emergency TCAS RA climb to 9000 feet. ATC commanded an immediate right turn as the traffic was also climbing. C-GPAJ turned right, climbed beyond the multi-engine turboprop traffic, and levelled off at 8500 feet. The crew estimated that the minimum vertical separation was approximately 300 feet. When the traffic was cleared, ATC was advised and C-GPAJ was again cleared to 7000 feet.

February 11, 2015

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

St. John's NL (CYYT) Tower reported receiving an intermittent emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal from 1355Z until 1554Z. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Halifax advised. A search found a PAL Airlines SAAB 340 B (C-GPAJ) located on the field was inadvertently transmitting.

October 13, 2014


A PAL Airlines SAAB 340B (C-GPAJ/ PVL203) from Halifax, NS (CYHZ) to Charlo, NB (CYCL) reported generator problem. No emergency, no assistance. The aircraft returned to CYHZ. Landed safely at 1040Z.

August 21, 2014

Incident at DEER LAKE NL (CYDF) (FOD (foreign object debris))

A PAL Airlines SAAB 340B (C-GPAJ/ PVL913) from Deer Lake, NL (CYDF) to St John's, NL (CYYT) departed Deer Lake, NL at 1032Z and reported possible bird strike. Maintenance found the remains of a small sparrow on the runway.

July 14, 2014

Incident at 27 NM E GANDER INTL NL (CYQX)

A PAL Airlines SAAB 340B (C-GPAJ/ PVL907) from St John's, NL (CYYT) to St Anthony, NL (CYAY) was northbound at 120 when aircraft received a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA) for an unidentified radar target. The unidentified aircraft target did not provide a Mode C altitude.

October 11, 2013

Incident at DEER LAKE NL (CYDF)

A PAL Airlines SAAB 340B (C-GPAJ/ PVL907) from Deer Lake, NL (CYDF) to St. Anthony, NL (CYAY) advised rejected take off runway 28 due to an indication light, ATC advised at 1518Z. PVL907 departed runway 28 without incident at 1546Z.

August 24, 2013

Incident at DEER LAKE NL (CYDF)

After a PAL Airlines SAAB 340B (C-GPAJ/ PVL918) from Dear Lake, NL (CYDF) to St. John's, NL (CYYT) was airborne they requested a field inspection be done due to possible bird strike. Field maintenance responded and found one bird with its wing cut off. Confirmation of bird strike relayed to PVL918.

July 5, 2013


A PAL Airlines Ltd. SAAB 350B (C-GPAJ / PVL907) on a flight from St. John's, NL (CYYT) to St. Anthony, NL (CYAY) initiated a missed approach on CYAY runway 28 due to a gear indication. The aircraft landed safely on runway 28 at 1358Z. There was no operational impact.

August 19, 2012

Incident at DEER LAKE NL (CYDF)

UPDATE Flight Operations: Upon landing in Deer Lake (CYDF) and arriving at the gate it was discovered that the number-3 main wheel was missing from the right main gear. The wheel was later found in Goose Bay (CYYR) on the infield.
UPDATE Flight Operations: The Flight Crew on PAL Aircraft C-GPAJ discovered that the #3 Main Wheel Assembly was missing when the aircraft was parked at the gate at the Deer Lake Airport. The previous flight leg was Goose Bay to Deer Lake. A PAL Maintenance AME was sent to Deer Lake. The AME discovered that the #3 Wheel Assembly departed the aircraft due to a wheel bearing failure. Some minor abrasions were blended out of the #3 wheel axle. The #3 wheel bearings and wheel assembly were replaced. No other damage was found related to this incident. C-FPAJ then left Deer Lake with no passengers for a re-positioning flight back to the operator's base in St. John's. As a precaution: when aircraft C-GPAJ returned to the operator base in St. John's all the wheel assemblies were removed to inspect all the axles and wheel bearings. C-GPAJ was recently purchased by PAL and had only been in revenue service for approximately. two weeks. The wheels had not been removed or serviced by PAL Maintenance.
SPR902 arrived in Deer Lake (CYDF) on a flight from Goose Bay (CYYR) at 17:01Z, AT 17:15Z airport maintenance advised that the aircraft had a wheel missing. The flight crew already knew but had not reported it to the Flight Service Station (FSS) prior to maintenance reporting it. Airport maintenance was unable to locate the wheel. TSB Case Closed.
UPDATE TSB: A12A0088: The Provincial Airlines Saab 340B aircraft (C-GPAJ), operating as flight SPR902, had arrived from Goose Bay and was parked at the terminal. During the flight crew's walk around it was noticed that the #3 tire/wheel assembly was not installed on the axle. Company maintenance installed a tire/wheel assembly and the aircraft was flown back to Goose Bay. The tire/wheel assembly was subsequently located at the Goose Bay airport. A TSB investigator in Goose Bay on other work examined and photographed the wheel assembly. Additional data has been requested from the operator.
UPDATE TSB: The wheel was lost during the takeoff from Goose Bay (CYYR).