July 17, 2001


C-GLLU , a Falconer-Jodel Homebuilt aircraft was performing circuits on runway 24 at Summerside airport. On the 3rd circuit , the wind shifted 180 degrees and estimated to be at about 10 to 15 KTS . The aircraft spun on the runway and slid onto the grass beside the runway. Damage to the aircraft was torn fabric on the bottom of the left wingtip and the left main wheel was bent . No injuries. TSB evaluating .
TSB Update July 19, 2001. A01A0079: The pilot of the Falconer-Jodell F11-3 amateur built aircraft was performing circuits on runway 24 at Summerside. During the landing on the third circuit, the aircraft ground looped and slid unto the grass on the side of the runway. Aircraft damaged consisted of torn fabric and broken ribs on the outboard section of the left wing as well as a bent left landing gear strut. There were no injuries to the pilot and passenger. It was reported that the wind was favouring runway 24 at an estimated 10 to 15 knots during the first two circuits and that the wind had shifted 180 degrees during the third circuit.
TSB case closed