January 22, 2015

Incident at 18 NM East of DIGBY, NS (CYID)

TSB Report#A15A0006: The Atlantic Charters PA-34-200, C-GLLH, was on a flight from Halifax to Digby, Nova Scotia (CYID). When approximately 18 nm east of CYID, C-GLLH had a #2 engine (Lycoming LIO-360-C1E6) failure. The crew decided to divert to Saint John, New Brunswick where a single engine landing was conducted without further incident. Initial examination of the #2 engine revealed that the #1 cylinder had separated and continued to reciprocate causing substantial damage to the engine crankcase and various intake and exhaust manifold components

March 18, 2014

Incident at 40 NM E NATASHQUAN QC (CYNA)

C-GLLH, a Manan Air Piper PA-34-200 from Chevery (CYHR) to Natashquan (CYNA), made its initial call over 122.2, 40 NM east of CYNA. The flight service station (FSS) asked C-GLLH to transfer over to frequency 123.5 for traffic information and to call Madeleine radio at 15 NM east of CYNA. C-GLLH landed at CYNA without calling Madeleine radio over 122.2. There was no traffic in the mandatory frequency (MF) area. No impact on operations.

October 7, 2014


A Manan Air Services Piper PA-34-200 (C-GLLH) from Grand Manan, NB (CCN2) to Halifax, NS (CYHZ) requested a 360 on final for Runway 14 to maintain spacing behind a Porter Airlines de Havilland DHC 8-402 (C-FLQY/ POE417) from Montreal, QC (CYUL) to Halifax, NS (CYHZ). C-GLLH had reported traffic in sight previously. POE417 queried tower about traffic and was advised of its intentions. No impact on operations.

April 4, 2014


A Manan Air Services Piper PA-34-200 (C-GLLH) from Yarmouth, NS (CYQI) to Fredericton, NB (CYFC) landed runway 33, and was told to exit via taxiway Bravo and contact Ground on 121.7. The aircraft exited onto Bravo and continued onto taxiway Delta without clearance before contacting ground.

March 18, 2011


UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing: The latch on a cargo door was not secured and a plastic bag containing personal items fell onto the runway. The bag was retrieved during the runway inspection.
C-GLLH, PA34 200, enroute from Fredericton (CYFC) to Grand Manan (CCN2), aborted departure from Runway 27. Parts came off the aircraft on the takeoff roll. The aircraft taxied back to ramp with no assistance required. The runway was inspected and the debris removed. One IFR arrival circled and landed on Runway 15.

May 4, 2005

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ)

The pilot of C-GLLH, A Piper PA34, departed runway 23 at Halifax at 0926 UTC with visibility of 1/4 mile and 1200 feet RVR.

March 26, 2004

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ)

C-GLLH PA34 enroute Grand Manan to Saint John, reported punctured tire during taxiing on taxiway Bravo in Saint John. Medevac passenger unloaded to ambulance on taxiway Bravo and transported. Aircraft removed at 1506Z.
Update - Maintenance & Manufacturing - Maintenance discovered a cracked wheel had pinched the tube. An SDR has been submitted.
Update: Nil TSB

May 24, 2000

Incident at Saint John (Aerodrome - other)

C-GLLH PA34 enroute Grand Manan to Saint John missed approach to runway 05 in Saint John due to erratic localizer indications. The flight landed after the second approach however the pilot stated that the localizer was still erratic. Moncton ACC advised..

January 8, 1997

Incident at SLAVE LAKE AB (CYZH) (Conflict - potential)

Approximately 40 miles south of Slave Lake, Alberta, both aircraft were converging at 6000 feet with less than the minimal procedural separation. This occurred after radar contact may have been lost. The situation was resolved as soon as communication was restored. UPDATE: C-GLLH, a Piper PA34, with one pilot and three passengers on board, was northbound at 6000 feet IFR en route from Edmonton International direct to Red Earth, AB, and was estimating abeam Slave Lake, AB at 1858Z. C-GQHV, a Piper PA31, with one pilot and six passengers on board, was northbound at 6,000 feet IFR en route from Calgary International direct to Red Deer, AB direct Slave Lake, estimating at 1855Z. C-FVVS, a Piper PA31, call sign CNS351, with one pilot and six passengers on board, was southbound at 7,000 feet IFR en route from Red Earth direct to Edmonton International, and was estimating Slave Lake at 1827Z. The Edmonton Area Control Centre Whitecourt Sector Controller had planned to get C-FVVS and C-GLLH passed each other on radar, then climb C-GLLH to 7,000 feet before C-GLLH and C-GQHV disappeared on radar, so that he could apply radar separation instead of procedural controlling. As it happened, the controller could not radar identify or communicate with C-FVVS to confirm position by the time C-GLLH and C-GQHV disappeared on radar. Consequently, there was a loss of procedural separation and an operating irregularity. C-FVVS was eventually identified, C-GLLH was given a clearance to 7,000 feet and C-GQHV was cleared to the Slave Lake Airport for an approach. The situation was resolved as soon as communications was restored. An Edmonton ACC operating irregularity report has been filed with NavCanada.

July 15, 1993

Incident at THUNDER BAY