July 30, 2009


RCC Trenton advised Winnipeg Centre that C-GKLO, a Piper PA-31 Navajo operated by Courtesy Air, had departed Meadow Lake, SK with an active 406 ELT. The pilot was unable to turn it off until landing in Buffalo Narrows. Centre received numerous reports of the ELT in northern Saskatchewan.

July 30, 1998

Accident at La Loche, SK

C-GKLO, a PA-31 Navajo, was landing at La Loche with a pilot and 3 provincial court personnel. It was reported that the pilot landed long on Runway 29 with a tailwind and was unable to stop the a/c on the runway surface. It went off the end of Runway 29 and the nosegear collapsed, causing the propellers to hit the ground. There were no injuries to the occupants. OPI - System Safety UPDATE TSB reported that witnesses at the airport observed the wind as 110 to 130 degrees at more than 10 knots. The pilot was uncertain of the wind conditions and reportedly made no attempt to obtain the current wind conditions via Unicom. He subesquently landed long on Runway 29 and the a/c overran the end and came to rest 200 feet beyond the threshold. The nosegear collapsed and the a/c received substantial damage. There were no injuries, but two passengers had difficulty exiting because of the nose-down attitude of the fuselage. Company maintenance reported that the brake pads were new. Post-accident inspection revealed that the tire of one wheel had been worn through to the tube by hard braking.

November 19, 1996


The pilot of C-GKLO departed Saskatoon enroute Patuanak on the return leg of a routine medevac flight. There was besides the pilot, two passengers on board. Shortly after departure the pilot advised Saskatoon that they would be returning because of a high E.G.T. reading. The aircraft landed without further incident at 2312Z. At 2347Z the aircraft departed for Patuanak.