October 24, 2004


The nose gear partially collapsed on C-GJSR, a Big Salmon Air Cessna U206C, as the aircraft touched down on Runway 13R at Whitehorse, YT, (CYXY) following a local flight. The pilot was not aware of the full nature of the problem, and the aircraft was able to taxi to the ramp. There were no injuries to the occupants, and the aircraft sustained damage to the lower cowling and propeller. Maintenance determined that the aft drag-brace attachment bolt (P/N NAS5464P5A42) fractured due to a pre-existing fatigue crack. The company will submit an SDR to Transport Canada.
UPDATE TSB classification of occurrence type changed from incident to accident.

June 18, 2004


C-GJSR, a Cessna 206, was en route VFR to Whitehorse (YXY) when the aircraft had a radio failure and landed NORDO at YXY. The pilot advised Tower after his arrival of the radio problem and actions.
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the pilot reported that he had an internal alternator failure during his flight and that the low state of battery charge prevented the VHF radio from transmitting. The alternator has been removed and sent out for overhaul.

June 2, 2004

Incident at WHITEHORSE/ ERIK NIELSEN INTL (CYXY) (Other operational incident)

C-FIEG was cleared to taxi for Runway 13R via Runway 19 and Taxiway F. C-GJSR was cleared to land on Runway 19. As C-FIEG was on the uncontrolled extension of Runway 01 750 feet from the threshold of Runway 01 C-GJSR elected to overshoot due to the oncoming traffic.

August 18, 2000

Incident at Whitehorse, YT

The pilot of C-GJSR, a Cessna 206, taxied on Taxiway Echo, across the threshold of Runway 01 to private parking (Big Salmon Air) at Whitehorse International Airport. C-GJSR did not contact ground or tower frequencies. OPI - Enforcement

January 3, 1999

Incident at Whitehorse, YT

C-GJSR, a Cessna 206, was inbound to Whitehorse on a VFR flight from Harrison Lake and when the pilot joined downwind for Runway 31L, he reported heavy airframe icing and indicated he would be landing as soon as possible. ERS was requested to be on standby as the a/c landed uneventfully at 0017Z. OPI - System Safety

April 6, 1998

Incident at Whitehorse, YT

C-GJSR was inbound to Whitehorse from Platta when the pilot reported a rough-running engine. ERS was called out and were on standby as C-GJSR landed safely at 2342Z. No other a/c were delayed during the incident. OPI - Maintenance and Manufacturing UPDATE M. & M. reported that the engine experienced a Chermi-chrome cylinder failure. The cylinder was changed and an SDR submitted to Transport Canada.