March 13, 2006


UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the original gear extension failure was caused by the housing failure of the 60 amp C/B P/N MS25361-60 for the Hydraulic Power Pack motor. The C/B cracked at the terminal stud causing the internal contact to shift and provide a poor internal connection. Company maintenance replaced the C/B and completed gear swings in the hangar with no faults found.
The crew of C-GHUN, a Beech King Air 90, was unable to lower the gear on final approach at Grande Prairie and did a missed approach. They held to the north of the airport until the gear was lowered manually. The a/c landed at 2059z.
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the aircraft was moved from Grande Prairie to their facility in Lethbridge by flight permit according to their maintenance department. The cause of the gear problem is still under investigation. They have confirmed the breaker was open for the power pack. They will submit an SDR as soon as they finish their maintenance/ investigation with respect to this issue. They had a similar issue 8 flights ago and had maintenance performed in the U.S. at that time.

November 17, 2005


The crew of C-GHUN, a Beech King Air, was cleared to 18,000 feet on departure from Lethbridge. The aircraft was observed on radar by the Controller climbing to 18,800 hundred feet. There were no other aircraft involved. The crew reported that they were preoccupied with sorting out communication issues with their radio.

May 11, 2005


C-GHUN, a Beech King Air F90, proceeded onto Taxiway Bravo at Lethbridge and remained on the taxiway for approximately 5 minutes without establishing radio contact with the FSS. A Cessna 172 was momentarily delayed while taxiing on Bravo awaiting the movement of C-GHUN.