August 6, 2001


GHTS departed CZBB at 0651z bound for CYYJ. Aircraft crashed in water just south of James Island (approximately 4.5nm SSE of CYYJ). No details of S.O.B. at this time. RCMP divers are at the scene.
Update from the TSB: The Piper PA-23-250 (C-GHTS) departed Boundary Bay airport at 2351 PDT (Sunday 5 Aug 2001) on a night VFR flight. The aircraft climbed to about 2,000 feet asl and proceeded to East Point, which is a VFR reporting point on the east end of Saturna Island. The aircraft then descended to about 1,500 feet asl and continued toward the vicinity of the Mount Doug reporting point, near the north end of the city of Victoria. On reaching the vicinity of Mount Doug, the aircraft turned north-west-bound, along the east shore of the Sannich Penninsula, and descended to about 900 feet asl. At 0012 PDT on Monday 6 August, the aircraft made a right hand turn through about 90 degrees of heading before radar information was lost. The aircraft crashed into the water.

July 10, 1999

Incident at Regina, SK

The pilot of C-GHTS, a Piper Aztec, was taxiing near the Saskatchewan Government Hangar at Regina when the brakes failed. The a/c hit a chain link fence, damaging the front of the a/c and possibly the propellers. The pilot was not injured and the extent of the damage is not known. OPI - Maintenance and Manufacturing UPDATE M. & M. reported that during a visit to Regina the a/c was seen undergoing repairs in Southern Aviation's hangar. Interveiw with the AME @ Southern revealed that the brake resevoir was completely empty when they inspected the a/c prior to starting repairs on the damages sustained when the a/c hit the fence. They could not find any leaks in the brake system where a loss would have occured. All attempts to contact the owner have failed.