May 16, 2013

Incident at PINEHOUSE LAKE SK (CZPO) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

The crew of a Transwest Air Piper PA-31-350 (C-GGIQ) from La Ronge, SK (CYVC) to Pinehouse Lake, SK (CZPO) called La Ronge FSS to advise that they had a flat tire at Pinehouse Lake and were disabled on the runway. Runway NOTAMed closed until 0100Z. The aircraft called inbound to La Ronge at 0122Z. NOTAM was then cancelled. Impact on operations unknown.

February 11, 2013


ATC adz a Transwest Air Piper PA31 (C-GGIQ) on a IFR flight from La Ronge (CYVC) to Cardiff (CZWL) returning to La Ronge due indication problem and no assistance required. C-GGIQ landed without incident at 1543Z. No impact on operations.

June 22, 2011


UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the indication problem was a high temperature reading on the left engine cylinder head temperature gauge. The temperature probe was changed and no further problems were experienced.
The pilot of C-GGIQ, a PA31 350, operated by Transwest Air, rejected the take off at La Ronge due to an abnormal cockpit indication

July 30, 2009


C-GGIQ, a Transwest Air Piper Navajo medevac flight, departed La Ronge at 0235z. Two minutes after departure, the pilot advised he was returning to CYVC, cancelled IFR and proceeded on a company itinerary. After the aircraft landed at 0242z, he pilot advised FSS the turnback was due to a mechanical issue. After conducting a local VFR test flight at YVC from 0252z-0306z, the pilot attempted to depart at 0335z on an IFR flight to Wollaston Lake. The aircraft began the takeoff roll but the pilot rejected due to another mechanical issue. He cancelled the IFR flight plan and returned to the hangar line.
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the first turnback occurred due to the R/H engine surging on climb out. Maintenance inspected the engine and carried-out ground power runs with no fault found. A test flight was conducted, and no problems were noted with the R/H engine. The second takeoff attempt was rejected because the R/H engine manifold pressure hung at 30'' hg. Maintenance discovered the turbo waste gate to be sticky. Maintenance lubed the waste gate, conducted a run-up and released the aircraft for return to service. A couple of days later (no CADOR) the R/H engine showed signs of surging again, this time the R/H prop governor was changed. No further problems have been reported.

March 9, 2007


The pilot of C-GGIQ, a Piper Navajo, departed La Ronge with Special VFR clearance at 1436z for a circuit. On final approach, the pilot advised that he had lost contact with the ground and was commencing a missed approach. The pilot climbed runway heading to 3,000 feet, then obtained an IFR clearance and landed without incident at 1501z. No other a/c were involved.

March 3, 2004

Incident at KEY LAKE SK (CYKJ)

C-GGIQ, a Piper Navajo, was on a medevac flight from Stony Rapids to Prince Albert and when overhead Key Lake, the pilot reported shutting down one engine due mechanical trouble. The pilot diverted to Key Lake, where an ambulance was arranged to meet the a/c. The flight landed without further incident. TSB has been in contact with the company.

January 30, 2002

Incident at FOND-DU-LAC SK (CZFD) (Public complaint, Conflict - near collision (VFR or IFR))

On a flight from Stony Rapids to Fond Du Lac Saskatchewan C-FVJU, a Beech 1900, was on a 2 mile final approach to Runway 28 at Fond Du Lac. The crew reportedly briefly looked down at a grader ploughing an ice road below them. When they returned their view to the sky in front of them they noticed a Piper Navajo, C-GGIQ, pass dangerously close overhead on a reciprocal course. The crew of C-FVJU reported that they did not hear any of the required ATF position reports on the ATF frequency. It was reported that the breakdown in communication was the result of frequency congestion.

September 6, 1996

Incident at PRINCE ALBERT (GLASS FIELD) SK (CYPA) (ATS operating irregularity)

A Northern Dene PA-31 was enroute Prince Albert from Fond-du-Lac Saskatchewan at 7000 feet. DND KUGR16, a F18 was enroute Prince Albert from Cold Lake with an approach and subsequent return to Cold Lake at flight level 280. The pilot of KUGR16 had been given a restriction to cross 20 miles west of Prince Albert at 6000 feet or below after his missed approach. The pilot of C-GGIQ, requested descent and was cleared to 5000 feet. The aircraft was also given an enroute hold geographically clear of the F18. ATC then advised PA FSS to amend the F18's crossing restriction to 20 miles west of PA at 4000 or below. The Air Radio operator determined that KUGR 16's position to be 5 miles west of PA to be descending through 3400 feet. The Air Radio operator misunderstood the intent of the amended instructions, believed them to be applicable to KUGR16's inbound leg and therefore no longer required. This caused C-GGIQ and KUGR16 to have less than the planned separation.