July 27, 2020


At 0316Z, while on the climb out from Runway 34, a North Fork Oilfield Services Piper PA-28-140 (C-GEGB) from Penticton, BC (CYYF) to Penticton, BC (CYYF) reported pitot tube blockage and advised returning to land. C-GEGB landed safely at 0321Z. No impact to operations.

June 30, 2001


The pilot of C-GEGB, a Piper Cherokee, had been cleared to maintain 10,000 feet for his flight to Regina from Yorkton (YQV). According to Regina FSS, the pilot contacted FSS 50 miles north of YQV indicating that the flight was inbound for a simulated IFR approach. FSS believed the aircraft was VFR and provided an Airport Advisory 03 for an NDB approach to Runway 03. At 2113Z, FSS requested the flight's position and was told 23 miles north of YQV. At 2119Z, the pilot reported out of 3,700 feet. Three other pilot reports were received: procedure turn outbound at 2127Z, procedure turn inbound at 2136Z then a missed approach at 2138Z. At that point, the pilot requested FSS confirm C-GEGB was still cleared at 8,000 feet on B12 to Regina. FSS immediately contacted Winnipeg ACC to clarify the situation. The Controller re-cleared the pilot of C-GEGB to Regina via B12 to maintain 8,000 feet. In a subsequent phone call to the Winnipeg ACC Shift Manager, the pilot confirmed that he had made an error in descending from 10,000 feet without a clearance. No other IFR aircraft were in the area.