June 5, 2009


UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that after departing from Calgary the crew attempted to retract the landing gear and both the hydraulic pressure light and the gear unsafe light remained on. The crew requested a return to Calgary, completed the checklist and landed at without incident. Maintenance placed the aircraft on jacks and completed troubleshooting of the system . Maintenance found the nose gear up lock hook adjustment was out of rig. They re-adjusted the cable and function checks were completed to ensure the system was serviceable. No further action was required and the aircraft has flown successfully since.
CNK 538M, a Cessna Citation operated by Sunwest Aviation, departed Calgary for Fort St. John and shortly after takeoff, the crew received an indication that the gear was not retracting properly. They burned off fuel for about 1/2 hour and the equipment was called out and on standby. The aircraft landed safely at 1957z.
UPDATE TSB reported that the crew of the Sunwest Aviation Ltd. Cessna 550, C-GDLR, retracted the gear after departure from Calgary and the "Hyd Press On" light remained on as well as the "Gear Unsafe" light. ATC was advised and the crew ran the checklist. Because the aircraft would have to remain airborne for about 30 minutes to burn enough fuel to meet the maximum landing weight and the hydraulic pump had a maximum 15 minute running time, the landing gear circuit breaker was pulled. The aircraft landed without incident and was escorted to the ramp by ARFF.

April 30, 2005


The crew of CNK 538, a Cessna Citation, advised on initial contact with Calgary Departure they were experencing difficulties in controlling the aircraft. The flight progress strip indicated the aircraft was on a flight test. Emergency vehicles were dispatched to their standby positons. The aircraft was still in visual contact with the ground so the crew was cleared for the visual approach (no vectors issued). Two aircraft were delayed and the aircraft landed safely at 2255Z. TSB will contact the company.
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the control problems were the result of a mis-rigging of the elevator trim by company maintenance. Sunwest is looking into the situation.
UPDATE TSB reported that a Sunwest Home Aviation Citation 550 (C-GDLR), operating as CNK 538, was departing Calgary International Airport, AB for a maintenance flight. After departure the flaps were retracted, at which time the aircraft became uncontrollable through the pitch axis. The crew advised ATC of the aircraft control issue and returned to land on Runway 16. The control difficulty was found to be due to the rigging of the elevator trim control cables. The elevator control trim cables were reversed at the elevator trim tab connection resulting in reverse control inputs.

February 22, 2005

Incident at GRANDE PRAIRIE AB (CYQU) (Overshoot/missed approach, Conflict - potential, Communication error)

UPDATE TSB reported that the Sunwest Home Aviation Ltd. Cessna 550, C-GDLR, was taxiing to depart IFR from Grande Prairie, AB for Calgary, AB as flight CNK 538. The flight crew of CNK 538 requested and received a VFR departure for the active Runway 29. During this time a VFR North Cariboo Flying Service Ltd. Beech King Air 100, flight NCB 171, called on a 6 and then 3 mile final for Runway 07. Shortly after, the CNK 538 flight crew called rolling on Runway 29. The NCB 171 flight crew commenced a missed approach when they observed CNK 538 rolling on 29. Distance between the aircraft was reduced to 0.2 NM. Traffic had been passed to both the King Air and Cessna by FSS. There were a total of 8 aircraft on the MF frequency at the time of the occurrence.
UPDATE Commercial and Business Aviation reported that North Cariboo will lobby Nav Canada to install a control tower at Grande Prairie due to the high volume of traffic at this airport.
CNK 538, a Cessna Citation on an IFR flight plan from Grande Prairie to Calgary, was approved for a VFR departure. NCB 171, an inbound VFR Beech King Air, reported 3 miles final for Runway 07. Shortly thereafter, CNK 538 called rolling on Runway 29. NCB 171 then reported on the overshoot for Runway 07 and commenced a right hand turn. CNK 538 rotated on Runway 29 and initiated an immediate right turn reference NCB 171. Both flights were VFR and traffic had been passed to both aircraft. A preliminary investigation is ongoing at YQU FSS. The Nav Canada preliminary investigation showed that both crews had been passed traffic and the King Air crew had been informed that 29 was the active runway. They indicated that they wanted to land on Runway 07. Just prior to the Citation taking off, a Dornier had landed on Runway 07 and it is possible that the Citation crew believed that this a/c was the conflicting traffic. They departed with the King Air still on approach to Runway 07. The King Air crew saw the departing Citation and elected to go mised approach. The King Air crew had made position reports at 6 and 3 miles. Another complicating factor was the fact that 8 other aircraft were in the zone on the Mandatory Frequency at the time of this occurrence.

July 18, 2002

Incident at EDMONTON INTL AB (CYEG) (Conflict - loss of separation, ATS operating irregularity)

GOA 82, an Alberta Government DHC-8, was southbound to Calgary from Edmonton City Centre and CNK 538, a Cessna Citation owned and operated by Sunwest Home Aviation, was also southbound from Edmonton City Centre to Red Deer. Both aircraft were cleared to FL 190. The Departure Controller recognized the potential conflict and had CNK 538 on radar vectors to pass behind GOA 82. A third aircraft, C-FNCB, a Beech 90 called the Departure Contoller, at which time the mike button of C-FNCB stuck in the transmit position, which effectively blocked the terminal frequency. The Controller then attempted to move all his aircraft to another frequency, which were not affected by the stuck mike. At this point, the Controller noticed that CNK 538 was gaining on GOA 82 and he attempted to re-clear GOA 82 to FL 180 but due to the blocked frequency, the crew of GOA 82 did not respond. The Controller then called CNK 538 and issued further radar vectors and a clearance to climb to FL 200 to ensure required separation. By the time the crew of CNK 538 responded, separation between the two aircraft was reduced to 1.22 NM. with CNK 538 500 feet above GOA 82. Separation requirement is 3 miles lateraly or 1,000 feet vertically.
UPDATE TSB reported that the DHC-8, C-GFSJ, had departed the City Centre Airport for Calgary. A Cessna Citation 550, C-GDLR, departed behind the DHC-8 for Red Deer. Both aircraft were cleared to FL 190 with the Citation gaining on the DHC-8. The Departure Controller recognized the potential conflict and had the Citation on radar vectors to pass behind the DHC-8. A third aircraft, C-FNCB, called the Departure Controller after which his transmit button remained stuck and effectively blocked the terminal frequency. The Controller tried to contact the DHC-8 crew on another frequency to clear them to FL 180, but they did not respond. The Citation crew was then contacted for clearance to FL 200, but by the time they responded, separation was reduced to 1.22 NM laterally and 500 feet verticlly where 3 miles laterally and 1,000 feet vertically is specified.

April 25, 1999

Incident at Lloydminster, AB

C-GDLR, a Cessna Citation, landed on Runway 07 at Lloydminster after a flight from Calgary and the right main wheel locked up. The crew was able to maintain directional control during the landing and came to a stop on the runway surface. The extent of any damage is unknown at this time but the a/c was disabled and could not be moved until a new wheel assembly was flown in from Calgary. The runway was NOTAMed closed from 2120Z to 0144Z. TSB will contact the operator and more information will be available. OPI - System Safety UPDATE TSB reported that the First Officer, occupying the left seat, was landing the a/c in a right crosswind and on touchdown there was smoke and noise from the left main wheel. The a/c came to rest about 2/3 of the way down the runway. The left tire had blown and there were skid marks on the runway surface. The passengers were disembarked on the runway. The company flew a replacement wheel from Calgary and the runway was NOTAMed closed until the a/c could be removed.