August 31, 2012

Incident at WINDSOR ON (CYQG)

The privately-operated Great Lakes Flight Centre Inc. Cessna 172R aircraft (C-GDIO) had just landed after a local VFR flight from Windsor International Airport (CYQG). NAV CANADA staff at Windsor Tower reported that the pilot advised that the aircraft had a flat tire while taxiing on taxiway FOXTROT. Ops. impact -- one (1) commercial arrival (JZA7750) and several VFR aircraft taxi routes were re-routed accordingly. The Cessna 172R aircraft was towed back to the hangar.

August 20, 2006

Incident at LONDON ON (CYXU) (TCAS alert)

The Westjet Airlines Ltd. Boeing 737-700 series aircraft (operating as WJA302) was on a scheduled IFR flight from Winnipeg International Airport (CYWG) to London International Airport (CYXU). The Journey Air Ltd. Cessna C-172R aircraft (C-GDIO) was on a VFR flight from St. Thomas Municipal Airport (CYQS) to Windsor Airport (CYQG). WJA302's flight crew had been passed traffic information on C-GDIO and reported having the traffic in sight when they then followed a TCAS RA. Ops. impact -- unknown.

May 7, 2006

Incident at WINDSOR ON (CYQG)

The Journey Air Ltd. Cessna C-172 aircraft (C-GDIO) was on a local VFR flight from the Windsor Airport (CYQG). The pilot reported that the aircraft stuck a small bird while on approach to runway 12. There was no apparent damage to the aircraft.

February 14, 2006


The Journey Air Ltd. Cessna C-172R aircraft (C-GDIO) was preparing to depart on an a VFR flight from the St. Catharines (Niagara District) Airport (CYSN) to [destination not reported]. The aircraft taxied onto taxiway BRAVO without prior radio contact with F.S.S. Ops. impact -- unknown.

June 15, 2000

Incident at Vancouver, BC

C-GDIO contacted Vancouver tower approximately 5nm east of Vancouver International (CYVR) runway 26L. The pilot was issued an immediate turn southward to clear the approach path of runway 26L. No conflict with other traffic occurred. OPI: Enforcement

December 17, 2000


UPDATE General Aviation reported that the pilot of the Cessna 172 is a commercial student. The company CFI and the pilot´s flight instructor followed up with a thorough briefing to the student on correct procedures at City Centre Airport. This was followed by several dual training flights. The CFI has conducted research into the causes and prevention of runway incursions and has brought the issues to the attention of the instructional staff at the flying school.
The pilot of C-GDIO, a Cessna 172, was issued taxi clearance for Runway 30 at City Centre Airport. He stopped at Runway 34 and called Tower on ground frequency, ready to take off. Ground instructed the pilot to proceed across Runway 34. KBA 104, a Beech King Air, was on final for Runway 30 and cleared to land. The pilot of C-GDIO then taxied across Runway 34 and onto Runway 30, still on Ground frequency. Tower observed C-GDIO entering Runway 30 and instructed KBA 104 to overshoot. Ground established communications with the pilot of C-GDIO instructed him to clear Runway 30. C-GDIO did clear the runway and the crew of KBA 104 was re-issued landing clearance.
UPDATE ANS and Airspace reported that NAV CANADA will conduct a Fact Finding Board concerning this occurrence.

July 20, 1999

Incident at Villeneuve, AB (Conflict - near collision (VFR or IFR))

Two Cessna 172s, C-GDIO and C-GXAA, were in the pattern at Villeneuve when a near-collision occurred. It was reported that the solo pilot in C-GDIO cut across the path of C-GXAA with an instructor and student, requiring evasive action to be taken by the instructor. Both a/c had completed 2 or 3 circuits, with C-GDIO following C-GXAA. As the pilot of C-GDIO was climbing out after a touch and go, he apparently lost track of the position of C-GXAA and turned inside C-GXAA, which had turned to the downwind leg. The renter pilot in C-GDIO was counselled by staff at the flying club concerning vigilance in a busy traffic area. OPI - System Safety

February 3, 1999


The pilot of C-GDIO, a Cessna 172, had just departed from Runway 34 at City Centre Airport for a local VFR flight when he advised that he required an immediate return after the engine "coughed". Tower approved a 180 degree turn and the pilot landed without incident on Runway 16. No other a/c were inconvenienced. OPI - Maintenance and Manufacturing UPDATE M. & M. reported that maintenance could find nothing conclusive with respect to the engine roughness. They drained the fuel system in case there was air trapped in the system. The a/c was test flown and there have been no further problems.