August 2, 1997

Incident at Vicinity of Snow Lake, MB

C-GCOP was on a VFR flight plan from Flin Flon to Lynn Lake with 2 people on board. Prior to departure, the pilot had received a weather briefing from Winnipeg FSS over the telephone. At about 1343Z, the Thompson FSS staff heard on the radio C-GCOP receiving navigation assistance from an overflying Calm Air flight (CAV 7090). C-GCOP was lost because of bad weather and asked for help to divert to Thompson. The a/c was equipped with a VOR and hand-held GPS, but no transponder. The pilot of C-GCOP was apparently receiving GPS readouts that were very inaccurate which suggests a malfunctioning unit or unfamiliarity with it's use. As CAV 7090 was getting out of radio range for the a/c, the crew handed communications off to another Calm Air flight (CAV 8555) to continue assisting C-GCOP. The crew of CAV 8555 was able to determine the location of C-GCOP and was able to direct the pilot to Snow Lake airport, where C-GCOP landed safely at 1440Z. The pilot closed his flight plan and informed Winnipeg FSS that he would not be able to continue to destination because of weather. No other a/c were inconvenienced in the occurrence.