April 8, 2005


UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the preliminary investigation into the rough running engine indicates possible # 5 cylinder fuel injector nozzle may be plugged. There was a higher than normal fuel pressure indication, along with low EGTemperature. The EGT probe is installed #5 cyl. Further information to follow from the AMO once the investigation is complete.
The pilot of C-FXGD, a Piper Comanche, departed Dauphin for Winnipeg and when he was 18 NM southeast of YDN, the pilot advised FSS that he was returning due to a rough engine. No assistance was required and the a/c landed uneventfully at 1333Z.

August 15, 2004

Incident at BRANDON MUNI MB (CYBR) (ATM - other)

C-FXGD, a Piper PA-24, arrived at Brandon after departing International Peace Garden airport (KS28) where the occupants cleared customs. The pilot wanted to close his flight plan, but there was no flight plan on file. The pilot advised he had filed a flight plan with the military air base in Minot.
UPDATE ANS and Airspace reported that Nav Canada plans no further action concerning this incident.

May 1, 2004


Approximately 2 minutes after departure from Brandon, the pilot of Piper Comanche C-FXGD advised FSS the a/c had an open door problem and was returning to Brandon. The pilot landed and corrected the problem without further incident. No other traffic was inconvenienced.

September 10, 2001

Incident at DAUPHIN (LT. COL W.G. (BILLY) BARKER, VC APRT) MB (CYDN) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

The pilot of C-FXGD, a PA-24 Comanche, was flying circuits on Runway 26 at Dauphin when Winnipeg FSS was informed by the pilot that he had performed a gear up landing. The aircraft came to rest such that Runway 08/26 was partially blocked and was Notamed closed by the Airport Manager until September 10, 2001 at 1950Z. FSS advised the runway re-opened at 1937Z.

January 29, 2000

Incident at Dauphin, MB

The pilot of C-FXGD, a Piper Comanche, departed Dauphin at 1538Z enroute to Swan River. At 1540Z, the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit and advised he was returning to Dauphin. C-FXGD landed without difficulty at 1546Z and was assisted by Dauphin Air Service staff. It was later determined after a thorough check, that the "smoke" was probably dust emanating from the heater system. The a/c was returned to service. OPI - System Safety

March 14, 1999

Incident at Brandon, MB

C-FXGD, a Piper Comanche, was inbound VFR to Brandon on a flight from Dauphin when the pilot called Brandon FSS on his cell phone to advise of a generator failure in the a/c. The pilot was uncertain if the gear was extended and carried out a fly-by of the FSS and it appeared the the gear was down. The a/c landed without problem. The pilot apparently had the faulty generator replaced and the a/c was flown back to its base in Dauphin. It was reported that the occupants were conducting a training flight for CASARA. OPI -System Safety UPDATE TSB reported that after landing at Brandon, the pilot found the master switch in the off position. When it was turned on, the electrics worked. The pilot believes a microphone cord may have accidentally moved the switch to the off position.