March 25, 2019


An Airmedic Inc. Eurocopter Deutschland GMBH BK117 C-2 (C-FTSU) from Chicoutimi/Saint-Honore, QC (CYRC) to Chicoutimi/Saint-Honore, QC (CYRC) was observed crossing the CYRC control zone (CZ), Eastbound, 3NM from CYRC while under Bagotville (BG) control. Bagotville (BG) control later pointed out the aircraft to CYRC. No impact on operations.

March 15, 2017

Incident at 100NM NW THOMPSON MB (CYTH)

An Alberta Central Airways de Havilland DHC-6-300 (C-FTSU) was cleared to maintain 17,000 feet and climbed to 17,600 without a clearance. No impact to operations.

March 2, 2015


An Alberta Central Airways de Havilland DHC-6 Series 300 (C-FTSU) from Lloydminster, AB (CYLL) to Bonnyville, AB (CYBF) departed CYLL VFR at 1349Z with the automated weather observation system (AWOS) reporting visibility of 1 1/4 SM before station opening.

October 6, 2011

Incident at SASKATOON / JOHN G. DIEFENBAKER INTL SK (CYXE) (ATS operating irregularity)

C-FTSU, an Alberta Central Airways DHC-6, was flight planned from Lac La Biche to Saskatoon at 7,000 feet. At 1306z, Cold Lake MTCU passed an estimate to the Winnipeg ACC controller indicating an altitude of 9,000 feet. The Winnipeg ACC controller accepted the estimate but did not update the altitude in the automated CAAT System. At 1339z, C-FTSU checked in with the Winnipeg ACC controller at 9,000 feet however the flight data strip still indicated 7,000 feet. There was no loss of separation.

May 30, 2010

Incident at Approximately 26 nautical miles east of Debert (CCQ3). (Other operational incident)

The Halifax Flight Information Centre (FIC) received an emergency telephone call from the pilot of the glider C-FAYB to advise the rope/cable towing the glider behind C-FTSU broke away as the plane was trying to avoid weather/clouds. He advised that he was uninjured and the glider was not damaged. The glider landed approximately 26 nautical miles east of the Debert Airport. The pilot of C-FTGU indicated the aircraft had approximately one-half tank of fuel remaining and would proceed to Debert for landing. The glider school captain subsequently called to advise they were arranging to pick up the pilot and the glider.