February 5, 2002

Incident at HAY RIVER / MERLYN CARTER AIRPORT NT (CYHY) (Incursion - runway - vehicle, ATS operating irregularity)

The Hay River CARS operator advised the driver of TK 81 of a departure and requested him to hold short of Runway 13/31. TK 81 waited until after the departure and entered the runway at 2122Z. When TK 81 entered the runway, C-FQCN, a Beech 99, was on a two-mile final. The crew of C-FQCN noticed the truck on the runway and advised Hay River CARS. Hay River CARS then advised the truck to exit the runway and C-FQCN landed without further incident at 2123Z. An operating irregularity occurred when the CARS operator failed to advise TK 81 of the arriving aircraft and the truck entered the runway with C-FQCN on short final approach.

July 18, 2001

Incident at YELLOWKNIFE NT (CYZF) (Incursion - runway - vehicle, Conflict - potential)

The driver of Loader 166 was instructed to proceed at Yellowknife Airport via Taxiway B and C to hold short of Runway 09/27. Loader 166 was subsequently observed crossing the threshold of Runway 27, with C-FQCN, a Beech 99, on short final to Runway 09. The crew of C-FQCN was instructed to pull up and landed on Runway 33 without further incident.
UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that they contacted the manager of Ops & Maintenance at Yellowknife aiport. The Tower audiotapes were examined by the Tower manager and by the manager of Ops and Maintenance. Loader 166 was issued a 'Hold Short' clearance by Tower, unrelated conversation took place and the driver continued past the hold line. As the Controller did a last runway check, he noticed the loader incursion and immediately instructed the Beech 99 to pull up. The driver, a long term airport employee, will be undergoing recurrent AVOP training for this infraction. Aerodrome Safety is concerned with increased heavy equipment incursion in the north, particularly during the summer construction period. A study is in progress to address this problem.

February 16, 1999

Incident at Iqaluit, NT

C-FQCN, a Beech 99 with 6 people on board, was on approach at Iqaluit after a flight from Cape Dorset when the crew advised that the three green lights for a safe gear down and locked indication would not illuminate. The Captain initiated a go-around, selected gear up, and the "in transit" light also did not illuminate. The Captain then decided to do an emergency gear extension, which was successful. The crew requested that ERS be on standby for the landing, which was accomplished without incident. The cause of the gear extension problem is not known. OPI - Maintenance and Manufacturing (PNR to submit to regional PMI)

June 17, 1997

Incident at Rankin Inlet, NWT

C-FQCN aborted the takeoff due to a suspected fuel leak, shut down on the runway and requested assistance from ERS. The a/c was towed off the runway, and maintenance found that the turbine had failed and broken up. An inspection of the runway found engine parts, which necessitated closure of the runway from 1752Z to 1831Z. UPDATE During the takeoff run the crew noticed smoke and fuel coming from the right engine combined with a loss of power. Examination showed that the engine's hot section had failed and some parts had departed the a/c onto the runway. The operator is examining the a/c to determine the cause of the failure.