November 20, 2013


A Courtesy Air Beech C99 (C-FJMF/ MC705) from Beauval, SK (CJK3) to Buffalo Narrows, SK (CYVT) landed at 1413Z and required a tow off the runway due to a frozen brake problem. Company removed the aircraft at 1424Z. No operational impact.

June 28, 2005

Incident at KEY LAKE SK (CYKJ) (Incursion - runway - animal)

UPDATE TSB reported that the Beech B99 aircraft, registration C-FJMF was en route Buffalo Narrows to Key Lake, Saskatchewan. While on approach into Key Lake, the pilot elected to carry out a missed approach. While in the maneuver, the left engine fire warning illuminated. The left engine (P&W PT6A-28) was shut down and the fire bottle was discharged. The pilot requested emergency assistance to be on standby. The pilot then carried out a second approach and the aircraft landed without further incident. The operator advised that there was a false fire indication.
The crew of C-FJMF, a Beech 99, executed a missed approach at Key Lake due to deer on the runway. The flight circled and landed at 1754Z.
UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that flight dispatch for Cameco Mines owners and operators of the airport were contacted regarding this occurrence. They will issue when necessary an wildlife hazard message as part of their airport advisory to all arriving and departing aircraft. This event resulted in a five minute delay of the Courtesy Air B-99 aircraft while the deer was chased from the runway and airport property.

May 17, 2005


At 0020Z, the crew of C-FJMF, a Beech 99, reported inbound to Buffalo Narrows with a gear problem. At 0039Z the crew reported on the runway and at 0058Z they reported clear of the runway.
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the nose gear did not indicate down and locked. The aircraft landed without incident. The nose gear downlock micro-switch was subsequently re-rigged and the gear swung without further problems.

March 19, 2005

Accident at WINNIPEG / JAMES ARMSTRONG RICHARDSON INTL MB (CYWG) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

UPDATE TSB reported that the Courtest Air Beech C99, registration C-FJMF (serial # U-180) operating as MC 505 was en route from Winnipeg to Portage la Prairie. The crew initially selected flaps 30% for the approach and then selected the landing gear down. The landing gear was reportedly slow to extend, however a 3-green gear down indication was eventually displayed. When the flaps were selected to 100% prior to landing, the gear unsafe aural warning sounded and the crew executed a missed approach. On the overshoot the gear was selected up, the 3 green indication remained and the landing gear unsafe light was illuminated. The crew chose to divert to Winnipeg where maintenance was available. While en route back to Winnipeg, the crew accomplished the relevant abnormal checklist (Landing with Landing Gear Unsafe), and declared an emergency. At no time did the 3 green indication extinguish. On arrival in Winnipeg after gear extension, the crew requested a fly-by, where ground personnel advised that the gear appeared to be down. The landing was accomplished successfully, however the aircraft was stopped on Runway 36, in order to accomplish a visual inspection. At this time a crew member noticed that the nose gear was not fully extended, and attempted to move the gear into the locked position by pushing on it. The nose gear did move; however, the left main gear collapsed. Runway 36 was closed for about 5 hours while the aircraft was removed. The company and TSB investigators are assesing the malfunction. (Occurrence changed from 'incident' to 'accident'.)
C-FJMF, a Beech 99 operating as MC 505, departed Winnipeg on a VFR flight to Portage at 1357Z. The flight returned to Winnipeg after the crew reported a landing gear malfunction. They indicated that the a/c was indicating '3 green' lights, but requested emergency crews stand by and also requested a fly by so the Tower staff could do a visual inspection of the gear. The gear appeared to be extended normally and after 2 passes, MC 505 returned for a landing on Runway 36. MC 505 landed without incident, however, the aircraft stopped on the runway due to a steering problem and to perform a visual inspection. Subsequently, the gear collapsed. There were no injuries and the initial reports suggest minor damage. Runway 36 was not available for about 3 hours until 1800Z. TSB will be examining the aircraft, which was moved to a hangar on the airport.

February 11, 2004


The incident was originally reported as occurring at Calgary, AB when in fact it took place at La Ronge, SK. Maintenance and Manufacturing advised that on approach to the La Ronge Airport, the landing gear did not extend when selected. The gear handle was cycled twice more without result and left in the ""down"" position while the crew prepared to perform the emergency gear extend checklist procedures. Prior to any action being taken by the crew the gear extended and a normal landing was conducted. Courtesy Air Maintenance reported that the landing gear select handle micro switch was gummed and sticky. The switch was cleaned and the rest of the system was inspected. The gear was swung without problem and the aircraft returned to service. An SDR is being submitted.
MC 505, a Beech 99 trainer (C-FJMF), was on final approach at La Ronge when the crew broke off their approach, indicating a possible gear indication problem. Assistance was offered but was not required. C-FJMF orbited to the east until the problem was corrected. Aircraft landed safely at 2144Z. No impact on operations.