July 18, 2001

Incident at KARS / RIDEAU VALLEY AIR PARK ON (CPL3) (Other operational incident, Conflict - potential, Conflict - IFR & VFR)

The glider (C-FAJS) was on a local VFR flight from the Kars (Rideau Valley Air Park) Aerodrome (CPL3). The Embraer EMB-145 aircraft (operator currently not known) was on an IFR flight to Ottawa (M-CIA) (CYOW) (flight origin not known at this time). The glider pilot was climbing in a thermal (at 5,000 feet) approximately one (1) mile east of the Kars Aerodrome when he elected to return for landing. The glider pilot then observed the Embraer aircraft passing approximately 500 feet below his altitude, descending on approach into Ottawa (M-CIA) from the south. The Embraer flight crew did not see the glider but a passenger later reported observing it to the flight crew. Ops. impact -- unknown.

March 31, 1999

Incident at Resolute Bay, NT (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

C-FAJS, a DHC-6, blew a tire on landing at Resolute Bay. The runway was closed for about 12 minutes until the undamaged a/c could be removed. OPI - System Safety