July 25, 2004

Incident at 11 minutes East of 48N/040W

TSB Update: Occurrence number A04A0089
At 1912, BAW69 declared a Medical Emergency and requested to divert to Gander or St. John's due to a passenger with a heart attack. ATC advised unable requested routing at present level, FL 310 available but ATC unable IFR descent clearance. BAW69 followed contingency procedure, offset 30NM and then descended between NAT to FL310. The aircraft was then given clearance to Gander. At 1936Z, BAW69 advised that the passenger passed away and the flight continued to Gander. At 1945Z the aircraft requested clearance to KPHL. Nil traffic at FL 310, aircraft cleared as requested. TSB Case Closed

May 21, 2001


BAW69 B777 from London to Philadelphia at 1945z, approximately 60nm southwest of St. Anthony flight requested to divert to St. John's due Passenger medical emergency. All agencies advised. BAW69 landed St. John's at 2021z. Nil TSB

June 12, 2000

Incident at Gander High Domestic (TCAS alert)

BAW69 B747 was enroute Heathrow to Philidelphia at 35,000 feet OYST TOPPS and AAL131 B767 enroute Heathrow to New-York at 34,000 feet OYSTR TOPPS. Traffic information was passed as BAW69 was overtaking and then passed the AAL131. After radar seperation was established , the AAL131 was climbing to 35,000 feet behind the BAW69. Later the BAW69 advised getting the TCAS RA ( confirmed not a TA ) while overhead the AAL131 but without a solution or directions to resolve the RA. Nil TSB

January 29, 1999

Incident at Moncton ACC (ATS operating irregularity)

BAW69 A320 was westbound at FL390 approaching the Moncton FIR boundary, an uncorrelated target with code 2437 was detected. Gander confirmed the code 2537 was assigned to BAW69. During the correlation process, code 2537 was assigned to SAB537, a flight that had progressed through the Moncton FIR earlier that day. BAW69 was handed off from Gander to Moncton but the Moncton controller thought the flight was SAB537 since the correlated target and the corresponding flight progress strips indicated the flight was SAB537. When BAW69 contacted Moncton the controller replied using the identification SAB537. BAW69 proceeded through the Moncton FIR and was handed off to Montreal ACC as SAB537. The flight proceeded through the Montreal FIR without further contact with either control agency. BAW69 was handed off to Boston as SAB537. BAW69 eventually established contact with Boston ATC. There was no conflicting traffic for BAW69 (SAB537) within the Moncton FIR. TSB evaluating. Nav Canada will conduct an internal review of this incident. TSB file A99A0015.