September 24, 2003

Incident at Gander Oceanic - East of 55N 40W

TSB Update A03A0109: BAW116, a British Airways Boeing 747 en route from New York to London on track Zulu at FL390, reported 55N40W at 0540 UTC, estimating 55N30W at 0622 UTC. At 0600 UTC, the flight crew advised Gander that they were shutting down the number four engine (Rolls-Royce Trent RB211-524), were unable to maintain FL390 and were turning south and descending to FL370. As there was no traffic south of track Zulu at FL370, BAW116 was re-cleared to destination on a parallel track one degree (60 miles) south of track Zulu. The aircraft exited Canadian oceanic airspace without further incident. The crew later reported that they had received an oil pressure warning for the number four engine on the EICAS and elected to shut down the engine in accordance with the QRH. The crew also completed fuel transfer during the remaining portion of the flight for aircraft balance requirements.
A Boeing 747 (BAW116), Eastbound Gander Oceanic OTS ZULU was en route from Kennedy to Heathrow. The aircraft reported 55N 40W at 0540Z and was estimating 55N 30W at 0622Z. At 0600Z the aircraft advised it was unable to maintain altitude FL390 and was leaving track by heading south and descending to FL370. The aircraft had shut down the number 4 engine. Traffic on ZULU was company BAW222 at FL380. With no other traffic at FL370 south of ZULU, BAW116 was recleared at FL370 on a route south of track ZULU.

March 6, 1999


BAW222 B747 enroute London advised of Passenger Medical emergency and diverted to Gander. Nil TSB