December 10, 2007

Incident at Gander ACC (Conflict - loss of separation, ATS operating irregularity)

DLH470, Airbus A340-300, enroute from Frankfurt (EDDF) to Toronto (CYYZ) was cleared from 36,000 ft. to 38,000 ft. at 18:16:15Z. At 18:17:45Z, BAW2027, Boeing 777-200, enroute from London (EGKK) to Houston (KIAH), was cleared from 35,000 ft. to 36,000 ft. At the time BAW 2027 was cleared to 36,000 ft., DLH470 was at 36,600 ft., 1,600 feet higher than BAW2027. At 18:18:35Z, the controller noticed that DLH470 had leveled off at 36,600 ft. and was instructed to expedite the climb. At this time both aircraft were 3.8 miles apart and 900 feet. The required separation is 5 miles or 1,000 feet. TSB Case Closed.

October 5, 2006


NAV CANADA staff at Toronto ACC were advised of an active ELT signal in the Timmins area by the flight crew of BAW2027 (IFR from London (Gatwick) International Airport, England (U.K.) to Houston (Hobby) International Airport, TX (U.S.A.) (KIAH) at FL380, heading southwest-bound), who reported a strong ELT signal 10NM southwest of Timmins. The signal abruptly stopped when the aircraft was 97NM southwest of Timmins. The flight crew of Aer Lingus Ltd. flight EIN125 (IFR from Dublin International Airport, Ireland (U.K.) (EIDW) to Chicago (O'Hare) International Airport, IL (U.S.A.) (KORD) at FL380 heading southbound) reported hearing an ELT signal when they were 76NM north of North Bay. The signal stopped abruptly when the aircraft was 70NM northwest of North Bay.

June 10, 2006


At 15:59Z, BAW2027, Boeing 777-200 enroute from London (EGKK) to Houston (KIAH) at 37,000 ft, position 5520N 43W, declared a medical emergency and requested to divert Gander (CYQX) with a sick passenger. ATC was unable to approve direct routing at 37,000 ft or 38,000 ft. due to traffic. The flight accepted climb clearance to 39,000 ft and upon reaching 39,000 ft at 16:09Z was cleared from present position direct to Gander. The flight dumped fuel from 140 - 80 NM east of Gander and landed without further incident at 17:21Z. TSB Case Closed.
UPDATE TSB: A06A0052: Flt. BAW2027, registration G-VIIF, a British Airways Boeing 777, was en route from Gatwick to Houston at FL370 when the flight crew reported a medical emergency due to passenger illness and requested a diversion to Gander International Airport. ATC was unable to clear the aircraft direct to the airport at F370 or F380; however, the crew accepted a clearance at F390, climbed the aircraft, and then were cleared direct to Gander. The crew dumped fuel and landed safely at Gander without further incident

June 27, 2003

Incident at 4630N04510W

At 1700Z, a Boeing 777-200 (call sign BAW2027) requested to divert to St-John¿s International due to a medical emergency. The aircraft was cleared via its present position direct to St-John¿s at FL310 (no traffic). The pilot advised that a female with possible heart problems required medical assistance upon arrival. The aircraft landed at 1751Z.