June 13, 2004


Pilot declared Medical Emergency in vicinity of Natashquan Quebec. Request and received clearance direct Halifax. A 35 yr old male experiencing seizures. No traffic affected. Arrival time 0208z. Nil TSB

May 10, 2000

Incident at 50 North Charlottetown (CYYG)

BAW202 B747 enroute Detroit to London at 0044Z, Pilot reported smoke in cockpit, diverting to Halifax Intl . ERS on standby. At 0056Z, situation under control and pilot advised they would land, fuel and depart for original destination. Aircraft landed safely Runway 24 at 0111Z with ERS in standby positions and departed for London at o631Z. Crew reported that when the electrical power to the galleys was cut off as part of the checklist, the smoke dissipated. A rubber glove was found in one of the ovens during the post landing inspection of the galleys. TSB Case closed. TSB file # A00A0077

March 2, 1999

Incident at 50NM nord de Mirabel

BAW202 (Boeing 747), IFR flight between Detroit, Michigan, and Heathrow, UK. As a precaution, approx 50 NM north of Mirabel the pilot requested to land at Dorval and asked for police assistance on arrival because of a dangerous passenger. The aircraft landed at 0200Z. No impact. BAW202 Boeing 747, vol IFR sur un vol Detroit, Michigan - Heathrow, Angleterre. Par mesure de sécurité, à environ 50nm au nord de Mirabel, le pilote a demandé d'atterrir à Dorval et l'assistance policière à son arrivée dû à un passager dangereux. L'aéronef a atterri à 0200Z. Aucun impact.

July 15, 1999

Incident at over Goderich (Conflict - potential, ATS operating irregularity)

BAW202, eastbound on an IFR flight from Detroit/Metropolitan (Wayne County) Airport, MI (U.S.A.) (KDET) to London (Heathrow) International Airport, England (U.K.) (EGLL), was cleared as requested from FL270 to maintain FL300. In doing so, BAW202 was placed in conflict with NWA399 (who was northwest-bound at FL280 on an IFR flight from Windsor Locks (Bradley International) Airport, CT (U.S.A.) (KBDL) to Minneapolis-St. Paul (Wold Chamberlain) International Airport, MN (U.S.A.) (KMSP)). This conflict occurred about 50NM north-northwest of the London VOR at FL280. Ops. impact -- unknown.

January 2, 1999

Incident at Gander Oceanic

BAW202 B747 enroute Detroit to London declared a MAYDAY due loss of # 4 engine. Aircraft conducted contingency emergency descent due traffic and was cleared to Gander. Aircraft landed without further incident 0536z. TSB case closed. Update: Maintenance found that the Engine Accessory Gearbox had failed. The engine was replaced and the aircraft departed Gander Jan 7/99 as BAW152E. TSB file # A99A0003.