September 1, 2010

Incident at 25 Nautical Miles of Yarmouth (CYQI) (ELT)

DLH421 A333 at 37,000 feet enroute Boston (KBOS) to Frankfurt (EDDF), reported ELT signals, both strength 5, 0248Z til 0250Z. BAW182 B777 at 37,000 feet enroute New-York (KJFK) to London (EGLL), 0350Z til 0403Z strength 5. Nil TSB

May 30, 2006

Incident at 4340N/6744W FL370 (ELT)

BAW182 reported an intermittent ELT, which lasted approximately 3 minutes. RCC advised. Nil TSB.

June 17, 1996

Incident at Gander Oceanic

AAL70, B767 from KDFW enroute EDDF via track "Uniform" progressed 51/50 at 0152.... At 0108, flight requested to deviate 10 miles north of track due weather. Aircraft was advised that ATC unable to approve request due traffic on northern, adjacent track - "Tango" (Tffc - BAW182 - B767 52/50 0102). Both aircraft at FL330. AAL70 acknowledged and advised declaring emergency to deviate 15 miles north of track. AAL70 advised back on course at 0120.