July 5, 2009

Incident at 60NM à l'ouest de Québec/Jean-Lesage (CYQB)

Mise à jour #1 : Le numéro et la classe d'enquête du BST ont été ajoutés. Selon le rapport du BST #A09Q0102: Le British Aerospace BA31, immatriculé C-GCCZ et exploité par Aviation Starlink, était en vol de croisière de Montréal/Trudeau (CYUL) en route vers Sept-Îles (CYZV) lorsque l'équipage a eu un arrêt soudain du moteur droit (Garret TPE331-10). L'équipage a effectué les procédures de redémarrage, sans succès. L'équipage a déclaré une urgence et a demandé un déroutement vers Québec/Jean-Lesage (CYQB) où l'appareil s'est posé sans difficulté. L'arrêt soudain du moteur en vol a été causé par la rupture d'un roulement dans l'entraînement du régulateur de débit.*** ** *** The TSB number and class of investigation have been added.
C-GCCZ, un Jetstream 31 exploité par Aviation Starlink, effectuait un vol selon les règles de vol aux instruments (IFR) depuis Montréal/Trudeau (CYUL) à destination de Sept-Îles (CYZV). À 0030Z, le pilote a indiqué avoir une panne du moteur droit, a déclaré une urgence et a demandé à être réacheminé à Québec/Jean-Lesage (CYQB). L'appareil a atterri sans encombre sur la piste 24 à 0056Z.*** ** *** C-GCCZ, a Jetstream 31 operated by Aviation Starlink, was conducting an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight from Montréal/Trudeau (CYUL) to Sept-Îles (CYZV). At 0030Z, the pilot reported a right engine failure, declared an emergency, and requested to be redirected to Québec/Jean-Lesage (CYQB). The aircraft landed without incident on Runway 24 at 0056Z.

April 8, 1997

Incident at Cranbrook, B.C.

ABK784 BA31 cleared Cranbrook V305 to Calgary. Aircraft flew V342 until corrected by ACC controller. Update: The aircraft was initially cleared Cranbrook V305 Calgary. The aircraft was subsequently observed to be on V342 which diverges by 21 degrees from the track of V305. The aircraft was advised of the error and returned to the correct airway. The pilot subsequently phoned the ACC and admitted that he was responsible for the error. A regulatory investigation is ongoing.

April 7, 1997

Incident at Cranbrook, B.C.

ABK784 BA31 departed YXC at 2038Z - aircraft cleared V305 YYC at 15,000 feet. Aircraft observed on radar off assigned route and above assigned altitude. ACC advised and correction made by pilot.

January 2, 1997

Incident at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The pilot of WEW300, a BA31, was inbound Saskatoon when he advised he had a #2 generator failure. The captain did not want to shut the aircraft down in Prince Albert and elected to return to Saskatoon. WEW300 landed safely at 1721Z in Saskatoon.

August 15, 1996

Incident at PRINCE ALBERT (GLASS FIELD) SK (CYPA) (ATS operating irregularity)

The pilot of ASK100, a Beech Airliner (BE99), La Ronge V303 Prince Albert was inbound to Prince Albert at 7000 feet. ASK800, a BA31, Prince Albert V303 La Ronge was requesting 16000 feet. The Prince Albert Data Controller's plan was to use OMNI track separation and altitude restrictions between ASK100 and ASK800. He set this up accordingly. When ASK800 contacted the Prince Albert radar controller, the controller recleared ASK800 to 16000 feet but inadvertently changed the radial restrictions on the aircraft. This change in the radial restriction caused the two aircraft to have less than the required 15 degree separation.

July 15, 1996

Incident at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The pilot of WEW300, a BA31 Jetstream, aborted take-off. The pilot said there was mechanical trouble, but did not specify. UPDATE: Maintenance personnel determined that the torque temperature limiter (TTL) had bypassed fuel causing the engine malfunction. The aircraft engine system was inspected, and ground run to ensure serviceability.

July 8, 1996

Incident at PRINCE ALBERT, SASKATCHEWAN (ATS operating irregularity)

An operating irregularity occurred between La Ronge Aviation Services ASK700 (a BA31 Jetstream) and C-FKJI a 200 Series Beech operated by Walsten. ASK700 was flight planned to La Ronge at 160 V303 from Prince Albert. C-FKJI was IFR Thunder Bay to Prince Albert and had been cleared to 8000 feet. ASK700 was cleared to depart from runway 09 with a left turn to maintain 16000 feet. No departure restriction was placed on ASK700 with respect to C-FKJI. The radar controller spotted the error made by the data controller and cleared ASK700 to maintain 6000 feet. ASK700 and C-FKJL had less than the required procedural separation.

June 5, 1996

Incident at PRINCE ALBERT (GLASS FIELD) SK (CYPA) (ATS operating irregularity)

The pilot of N251JL was cleared La Ronge direct Prince Albert direct Williston, SD to maintain 13000. The flight departed La Ronge at 1553Z and the information was given to the Prince Albert Data Controller who had previously approved the routing and altitude. At 1600Z Prince Albert Data Controller issued a clearance through Prince Albert FSS for ASK700 a BA31 to proceed Prince Albert YPA V303 to La Ronge to maintain 12000 feet. This flight departed PA at 1605Z. At 1607Z Prince Alberta Data requested the passing altitude and DME for N251JL from North Low. North Low advised that N251JL was through 8.7 thousand 33 miles south of La Ronge. On initial contact with the Prince Albert sector radar controller, ASK700 informed him that he was 4.5 DME leaving 5000 for 12000. The radar controller immediately recleared ASK700 to 8000 to ensure vertical separation was maintained. ASK700 was then laddered to higher altitudes with respect to N251JL until both flights were identified by one another. The aircraft passed at 1620Z. The Prince Albert Data Controller was removed from duty, TSB has been advised and a Fact Finding Board is being considered.

December 13, 1995

Incident at Moosonee, Ontario

At approximately 1555Z, the BA31 reported a problem with the right engine. Pilot advised he was shutting down right engine and requested CFR for his arrival in 5 minutes on runway 24. BA31 landed at 1603Z without further incident.

December 7, 1995

Incident at La Ronge, Saskatchewan

The crew of ASK600 a BA31, advised ATC that they had shut down the port (left) engine because they were unable to reduce power on the affected power plant. The aircraft with a crew of two and five passengers on board landed safely on runway 17 at La Ronge. The FCU failed to the full power station. ERS was on standby and no other aircraft were inconvenienced.

November 7, 1995

Incident at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Shortly after takeoff from Saskatoon, the pilot of an Air Sask BA31 Jetstream reported a problem with the pilot's airspeed indicator. The airspeed indicator responded to changes in altitude only. Pitot heat and alternate static selections did not aleviate the problem. The aircraft returned and landed safely. Maintenance found moisture in the pitot line which is believed to have frozen and caused blockage to the airspeed indicator. The moisture was removed and the aircraft was returned to service.

June 18, 1993

Incident at MEDICINE HAT