October 25, 2013

Incident at 5637N 5523W

A US Airways Boeing 757-2B7 (N935UW/ AWE723) from Dublin (EIDW) to Philadelphia, PA (KPHL) declared emergency vicinity of 5637N5523W at 1415Z due to loss of right engine. Requested and was cleared direct to Goose Bay, NL (CYYR). Landed at 1506Z. No other aircraft affected.
Aviation Incident Report #13283: A US Airways Boeing 757-200 (AWE723/N935UN) reported right engine failure. The aircraft landed at 1506Z and declared secure at 1508Z.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A13A0112: The US Airways Boeing 757-200, registration N935UW, was operating as flight AWE723 from Dublin, Ireland to Philadelphia. While in cruise, the crew observed the right engine oil quantity begin to slowly decrease. About 270 nm NE of Goose Bay, NL (CYYR), when the oil quantity reached 2 quarts, the crew followed the quick reference handbook procedures and carried out a precautionary shut down of the right engine. The crew declared an emergency with ATC and requested a diversion to CYYR where the flight landed without further incident. Maintenance discovered a crack in the oil return line to the gearbox. The line was replaced and all required inspections were completed. The aircraft was returned to service.

October 17, 2013

Incident at Vicinity of HECKK

A US Airways Boeing 757-2B7 (N942UW/ AWE723) from Dublin (EIDW) to Philadelphia, PA (KPHL) was RADAR identified in vicinity of HECKK and climbed without clearance from FL350 to FL360 with faster traffic 8 miles behind at FL360. Controller saw the aircraft in climb and issued clearance back to FL350.

October 7, 2013


A Wells Fargo Bank Boeing 757-2B7 (AWE723 / N938UW) from Dublin (EIDW) to Philadelphia, PA (KPHL), at 1440Z the pilot declared emergency and requested to land at Gander (CYQX) due to loss of number 2 engine. The aircraft was cleared direct and landed at 1512Z. No impact on other traffic.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A13A0108: The US Airways Boeing 757 aircraft (USA registration N938UW) was enroute from Dublin (EIDW) to Philadelphia International (KPHL). While in cruise flight, approximately 225 NM NE of Gander, the crew noted a roll back of the number two engine, a Rolls Royce Model RB-211 and a subsequent power loss. Crew control of the engine power was unable to be restored. The crew declared an emergency and requested diversion to Gander where the aircraft landed without incident. Maintenance replaced the right engine fuel flow governor (FFG) and electronic engine control (EEC), and the aircraft returned to service.

November 15, 2012

Incident at 7 Nautical Miles North of LOMPI Intersection

The Moncton Area Control Centre controller observed AWE723, Boeing 767-200, enroute from Dublin (EIDW) to Philadelphia (JPHL), was approximately seven miles north of course approaching LOMPI Intersection, routing JAROM - LOMPI - TUSKY. The controller queried the aircraft for their routing and the crew responded JAROM - TUSKY as per their flight plan. The flight plan requested from EUROCONTROL revealed the aircraft filed JAROM - LOMPI - TUSKY. There was no impact on operations.