December 11, 2012

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH)

A Calm Air ATR43 (C-FMAK/operating as CAV515) was given a clearance and taxied into position for takeoff. CAV515 informed they had an indication and had to exit the runway, ATC was informed and clearance was cancelled. No operational impact.
UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing: flight CAV 515 a Calm Air ATR 42 C-FMAK cancelled clearance for takeoff and taxied of runway due to an indication. The pilot in command reported he had a cabin door unlocked indication with a CCAs alert, while taxing back light went out no maintenance action was required. Aircraft departed without further incidents.

April 29, 2009


At 0018Z CAV512 (ATR43) operated by Calm Air Ltd. preparing for departure at Churchill, Manitoba received a departure advisory for RWY33. At 0019Z C-FFVZ, a DeHavilland Turbo Otter, operated by Jackson Air Service was observed on short final for RWY 33 without any prior communication with the FSS. CAV512 was requested to hold short RWY33 for the arriving DH3T. Over the telephone, the pilot of C-FFVZ later advised that transmissions were made on the old MF, 122.2.

April 5, 2000

Incident at Gander Oceanic

: FWQNB ATR43 FL250 routing 52/50(1817z) 57/40 (1947z) 61/30 (2111z) At 1922z aircraft advised of cracked windshield and requested descent to FL100. No emergency declared, and negative traffic. Flight continuing to destination. No assistance required.. Alert filed with Halifax SAR. NIL TSB

March 3, 2000

Incident at Halifax Intl

SPM2542 ATR43 departing Halifax Intl was given take-off clearance; pilots initiated an abort in the vicinity of Taxi "C". They did not request assistance, nor did they volunteer any further information. TSB evaluating. TSB Update : The ATR42, operating as SPR2542, rejected takeoff from Halifax due to a torque problem on engine # 1. Maintenance replaced the torque system components however, the problem remained. The aircraft was removed from the line and ferried to the company maintenance base in Montreal where the engine s/n 121214, a P&W W-121, was replaced. The company will provide a tear-down report when the engine is overhauled. TSB file # A00A0042.

October 26, 1999

Incident at HALIFAX / STANFIELD INTL NS (CYHZ) (Conflict - near collision (VFR or IFR))

Other Aircraft: Aerospatiale, ATR43, INTER-CANADIAN Halifax Intl WX was 030 few vis 15. ARN811 DH8 landing Runway 33 and ICN240 ATR43 landing Runway 24 both IFR. ARN811 was to land and hold short in accordance with approved SIRO's (Simultaneous Intersecting Runway Operations). The Tower controller lifted the hold short restriction. It turned out the two aircraft were too close to the intersection and the controller asked ARN811 if he was again able to comply with the restriction. The pilot was unable. The controller then initiated a missed approach to ICN2240 for Runway 24. The pilot of the ICN2240 acknowledged but requested to ""land beyond the intersection"" to which the controller signified his agreement by clearing the ICN2240 to land on runway 24. The report by ARN811 states that there was 10 to 15 feet vertically between the aircraft at the intersection. Nil TSB Update: The crew of ARN811 reported that ICN2240 flew over the top of them while they were in the intersection at an estimated vertical clearance of 10 to 15 feet. TSB case closed. TSB file # A99H0005 Correction: This event is a TSB class 3 investigation. TSB file # A99H0005 _

September 7, 1999

Incident at Fredericton NB

ICN2155 ATR43 at FL230 was observed infringing in CYR734 by approximately 1 mile and was cleared direct to Fredericton. Pilot advised that the oscillation of the Fredericton VOR was the reason the aircraft was south of the cleared track. NIL TSB Correct copy to read aircraft infringing in CYR724.

June 13, 1999

Incident at Near Stephenville NF

ICN2266 ATR43 advised of passing in close proximity to a Weather Balloon 10 NM South of Stephenville 17,000 Feet. Balloon had been released by Stephenville. Nil TSB

June 2, 1999

Incident at Fredericton

ICN2287 ATR43 enroute from St. Jean to Fredericton via V310 Frenn V300 was cleared to maintain 8,000 feet. Shortly after ARN847 DH8A departed Fredericton for Moncton via V300 was cleared to maintain 9,000 feet. 20 nautical miles south of Frenn intersection, ICN2287 was cleared to maintain 4,000 feet meanwhile , ARN847was climbing out of Fredericton to 9,000 feet. Both aircraft were then instructed to turn left aftrer controller realized separation was being jeopardized . The aircraft passed with less than the required radar separation. Nav Canada will be investigating. TSB CLOSED

February 24, 1999

Incident at Moncton NB

CGRVK PA38 landed Runway 24 was cleared across Runway 29 via taxiway "D" and advised to contact ground control in Taxiway "C". As the aircraft was crossing Runway 29, an ATR43 was cleared for take-off on runway 29. The controller considered cancelling the ATR43 take-off clearance but opted not to when he decided there was no danger of collision and that the PA38 would be clear of the runway. Nil TSB

February 17, 1999

Incident at Charlottetown PEI

ICN2245 ATR43 was inbound cleared for a visual approach Runway 03 at Charlottetown. TGO977 DHC6 on the ground at Charlottetown requested IFR clearance to Moncton and requested to conduct a short circuit to inspect the approach lights for Runway 03. The FSS relayed this information to Moncton ACC who then informed the FSS that TGO977 would be number 2 after ICN2245. Charlottetown FSS advised Moncton ACC that TGO977 was aware of ICN2245. The controller then issued IFR clearance for TGO977 to Moncton SID 1 departure Runway 03. At this time, ICN2245 was approximately 18 miles final for Runway 03. TGO977 departed runway 03 and conducted a circuit for Runway 03. Recorded radar data indicated TGO977 conducted two or three turns in the vicinity of the approach to Runway 03. At the time of the last turn, ICN2245 was inside the final approach fix for Runway 03. TSB evaluating. Note Correct Identification TGO970. Update: When Moncton ACC Controller radar identified TGO970 turning base for Runway 03 the Controller concluded that the pilot was in contravention of his departure clearance and requested that the pilot contact him. When queried by the controller, the pilot understood that he had departed VFR and was activating his IFR Clearance only after completing the Runway Lighting Inspectlion. The pilot had not been advised that TGO970 was number two for the approach for Runway 03. ICN2245 was ten miles final for Runway 03 when TGO970 had turned base for the Runway 03 lighting inspection. TGO970 completed the lighting inspection and orbited west of the airport before being cleared IFR to Moncton. Nav Can is convening a fact finding board to investigate the occurrence. TSB File # A99A0024

January 18, 1999

Incident at Fredericton NB

ICN2278 ATR43 on departure from Fredericton was observed on radar and confirmed by the pilot to be on a heading of 100 degrees rather than the assigned SID heading of 060 degrees. No other traffic.

January 3, 1999

Incident at Northwest of Saint John NB

ICN2205 ATR43 enroute Halifax to Montreal FL180. ICN2243 ATR43 enroute Saint John to Montreal FL160 requesting FL180. At time of occurrence, both aircraft were proceeding direct Millinocket (MLT) ICN2243 ahead of ICN2205 by aprx 7.5 miles, 20 knots faster was given clearance to climb with a speed requirement. ICN2243 then turned northerly towards Houlton then gradually turned back towards Millinocket When ICN2243 reported at FL180 the speed restriction was restated. At the time of handoff to Boston ATC, ICN2243 had continued the turn and was tracking westerly 255-270 degrees and the spacing between ICN2243 and ICN2205 was decreasing. The Controller issued a descent instruction to FL160 to ICN2243 three (3) times before the aircraft left FL180. A turn of 30 degrees right was issued to ICN2205. Aircraft were aprx 5 miles apart. TSB case closed. Update: The separation between the two aircraft deteriorated to 4.7 miles horizontal where 5 miles horizontal or 1000 feet vertical is required. Separation was restored when ICN2243 descended to 16,000 feet and ICN2205 was instructed to turn 30 degrees right. The operator will have further information for TSB.

January 2, 1999

Incident at Moncton NB

ICN2234 ATR43 departed Moncton without an ATC clearance. Nil TSB

December 22, 1998

Incident at Halifax Intl (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

ICN2255 ATR43 operating in the Halifax area experienced a stuck microphone. (Second occurrence in the same day). Company dispatch was informed by ATC and maintenance personnel met the flight on arrival. No impact on other traffic in the area. Nil TSB