September 24, 1996

Incident at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The crew of ASK700 advised Saskatoon Tower that due to an unsafe gear indication they were on the missed approach. The crew then recycled the landing gear which showed a safe indication (3 green). The aircraft then landed without further incident at 1501Z.

July 8, 1996

Incident at PRINCE ALBERT, SASKATCHEWAN (ATS operating irregularity)

An operating irregularity occurred between La Ronge Aviation Services ASK700 (a BA31 Jetstream) and C-FKJI a 200 Series Beech operated by Walsten. ASK700 was flight planned to La Ronge at 160 V303 from Prince Albert. C-FKJI was IFR Thunder Bay to Prince Albert and had been cleared to 8000 feet. ASK700 was cleared to depart from runway 09 with a left turn to maintain 16000 feet. No departure restriction was placed on ASK700 with respect to C-FKJI. The radar controller spotted the error made by the data controller and cleared ASK700 to maintain 6000 feet. ASK700 and C-FKJL had less than the required procedural separation.

June 18, 1996

Incident at Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan

ASK700, a La Ronge Aviation Jetstream 31 was inbound to Stony Rapids on an IFR flight plan and reported 20 NM south at 1831Z with an estimate of 1836Z. An arrival advisory was given at this time for runway 06. C-FAAF a PA-31 Navajo operated by Athabaska airways advised that he was taxiing for departure VFR to Fond du Lac at 1835Z. The pilot was advised of the inbound traffic with the aircraft's estimated time of arrival. At this point the two aircraft began communicating with each other and arranged their own separation. The crew of ASK700 advised that they were planning a beacon approach and were still in IMC conditions. The pilot of FAAF advised that he would remain VFR after departure, the aircraft departed runway 06 at 1837Z and turned right enroute Fond du Lac. The crew of ASK700 queried this report and confirmed the direction of FAAF's turn. Immediately after ASK700's query the crew stated that they saw FAAF directly in front of them and banked left to avoid the Navajo. ASK700 arrived safely. FAAF continued with his flight. Weather observations at Stony Rapids at 1800Z was 8 scattered B12 OVC 6R-F. 1900Z scattered E12 OVC 6R-F. This occurrence would appear to be a simple see and avoid circumstance. TSB are not investigating.

June 5, 1996

Incident at PRINCE ALBERT (GLASS FIELD) SK (CYPA) (ATS operating irregularity)

The pilot of N251JL was cleared La Ronge direct Prince Albert direct Williston, SD to maintain 13000. The flight departed La Ronge at 1553Z and the information was given to the Prince Albert Data Controller who had previously approved the routing and altitude. At 1600Z Prince Albert Data Controller issued a clearance through Prince Albert FSS for ASK700 a BA31 to proceed Prince Albert YPA V303 to La Ronge to maintain 12000 feet. This flight departed PA at 1605Z. At 1607Z Prince Alberta Data requested the passing altitude and DME for N251JL from North Low. North Low advised that N251JL was through 8.7 thousand 33 miles south of La Ronge. On initial contact with the Prince Albert sector radar controller, ASK700 informed him that he was 4.5 DME leaving 5000 for 12000. The radar controller immediately recleared ASK700 to 8000 to ensure vertical separation was maintained. ASK700 was then laddered to higher altitudes with respect to N251JL until both flights were identified by one another. The aircraft passed at 1620Z. The Prince Albert Data Controller was removed from duty, TSB has been advised and a Fact Finding Board is being considered.

April 10, 1996

Incident at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The crew of ASK700 aborted their take-off run at Saskatoon because of a suspected fuel flow control problem. The aircraft was taxied back to the hangar line for maintenance. There was besides the crew one passenger on board. ERS did not respond.

July 27, 1994

Incident at La Ronge, SASK (ATS operating irregularity)

ASK700 G159 LaRonge Air Services Westwind Aviation flight 750, a Hawker-Siddely HS-748 aircraft, was IFR from Key Lake, Saskatchewan, via La Ronge V303 to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Air Sask flight 700, a Gulfstream 1, was IFR from La Ronge, via Key Lake to Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan. Air Sask 700 received his clearance off of La Ronge with a climb to 16 thousand feet. Subsequently, Edmonton Area Control Centre advised the Sector Controller for the area that Westwind flight 750 was off Key Lake at 1703Z climbing to 15 thousand feet. Air Sask 700 departed La Ronge at 1710Z. There was a possible loss of separation as Westwind 750 and Air Sask 700 climbed toward each other.