February 2, 2000

Incident at Halifax Intl

ARN891 BA146 shortly after departure from Halifax Intl the pilot reported a problem with the gear and requested to return to Halifax, no assistance required. Gear would not retract. A/c landed safely at 1507z TSB evaluating. More to follow. Update: Unable to duplicate fault in hangar. SIL 32-30 carried out on selector valve (torque check). Numerous gear swings carried out. N.F.F. Selector valve actuator replaced. Released to service, pending satisfactory test flight. Numerous gear swings carried out during the test flight at different airspeeds and flight profiles. N.F.F. Aircraft returned to service.

January 2, 2000

Incident at Halifax Intl

ARN891 BA46 departing Halifax advised of an Engine Indication problem and request return to Halifax. No emergency declared. Flight landed without incident 1633z. Nil TSB Update:The engine vibration indicator was jumping between 0.8 and 1.4, although vibration was not consistently noticeable. At Halifax, maintenance metered and meggared wires - no problem found. Analyser was used to check engine and components from frequencies - no problem found. Finally, through the trial and error process, it was found to be the computer (P/N 6610M43), which was replaced, rectifying the problem. Company will be checking to see if similar occurrences have been noted with this aircraft in the past.

August 10, 1997

Incident at St. John's NFLD

ARN891 BA46 enroute St. John's to Halifax Intl departed 1111z and was unable to retract landing gear. Requested burn off fuel for 1 hour and landed St. John's 1220z without incident. Emergency Response Services requested. No emergency declared by pilot. Maintenance report. Faulty landing gear selector valve. Unit repalced and aircraft returned to service. TSB case closed.