July 16, 1998


The aircraft was departing on an IFR flight from Ottawa (M-CIA) to Iqaluit. The flight crew advised ATC of a possible tire problem after departing runway 14. Large amounts of rubber were found on runway 14 south of runway 07-25. The pilot elected to return to Ottawa (M-CIA) after burning off 2,200 lbs. of fuel. ERS were called out and were assisted by the Gloucester Fire Department. The aircraft landed safely at 1224Z. Fire personnel advised that a retread from the left main wheel was completely gone but all tires were inflated (however, one was smoking slightly). ERS were released by the First Air Chief Pilot at 1239Z. Some possible flap and panel damage. Ops. impact -- one (1) aircraft (ARN879) delayed five (5) minutes. S.O.B. -- 41. O.P.I.: PAH Supplemental information from T.S.B. Initial Notification (#A98O0183): The Boeing 737-210C aircraft flight crew suspected tire damage after take-off from runway 14. Tire debris was found on the runway and reported to the crew. The aircraft returned to Ottawa and after flying in the area to burn off fuel, landed with ERS standing by. The aircraft was taxied to the terminal after inspection by ERS on the runway. Company maintenance reported the tire tread from one of the tires on the aircraft left main landing gear separated from the tire on the take-off roll. Tire debris damaged the left wing trailing edge flap.

April 8, 1998


The aircraft arrived on an IFR flight from Fredericton, NB. The flight crew reported fives miles left base for runway 07 with one engine out and oil pressure problems. ERS were requested to stand by for the landing. The aircraft landed safely on runway 07 at 1233Z. Ops. impact -- one aircraft delayed three to four minutes. Nine (9) S.O.B. -- no injuries. O.P.I.: PAH

September 7, 1997

Incident at Halifax Intl

ARN879 DH8 aborted take-off runwy 24 due light indicator. Pilot advised no assistance required and requested clearance back to ramp. Prior to reaching ramp, problem was corrected and aircraft departed safely 0030z.

July 4, 1996

Incident at FREDERICTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (ATS operating irregularity)

ACA646 (CL65) was on a flight from Halifax to Fredericton, ETA 0130z. ARN897 (DHC-8) was on a flight from Moncton to Fredericton, ETA 0130z. ACA646 was cleared straight in ILS RWY 15 approach. ARN897 cancelled IFR at 0120z. Traffic was passed. ACA646 had to execute a missed approach due to the proximity of ARN897 landing on RWY 27 when he went by the NDB final. FC/FSS advised he passed ACA646 the traffic information on ARN879.